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  • Product & Cloud Service: seb
    Upon request
    With increasing digitalisation, IT is moving more and more into the heart of business processes and must now meet extremely high standards in terms of effectiveness and flexibility. Many industries need to be much more responsive to new user behaviour and regulatory requirements, which puts additional pressure on IT in terms of time and delivery. In many companies, this is a big challenge because their IT systems have often grown over the years and have been optimised more for stability rather than agility. Today, software manufacturers are increasingly delivering software as cloud-capable (containers). Companies are wondering which is the right platform to use and how should they integrate the software into their overall environment. The Covid pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation - many of the winners of the crisis are companies that have been able to adapt quickly to online channels and distributed working. Our services are offered based on cloud native application transformation and the corresponding operational support.
    Whenever possible, open source software is used. Already existing systems can be integrated and thus any investment protected.
    Business Process Management, Knowledge Management, General Assessment, General Development, Security Consulting
    Intersys AG