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swiss made software - das kompendium

Zum 10-jährigen Jubiläum legt das Label swiss made software das swiss made software-Kompendium vor.

Beim Thema IT dürften den meisten Bürgerinnen zuerst amerikanische Grosskonzerne wie Google oder Apple einfallen, doch der Blick aufs Smartphone relativiert die Perspektive. Schnell stechen die SBB-App oder SwissMeteo ins Auge; dazu kommen Apps wie Doodle, Threema, Scandit oder Zattoo.

Die Relevanz der lokalen Entwicklung zeigt auch das Wachstum von swiss made software: In den letzten fünf Jahren wuchs das Label um mehr als 300 Prozent auf deutlich über 500 aktive Träger. Diese positive Entwicklung wollen wir anlässlich unseres zehnten Geburtstags 2018 mit einem Kompendium der besten Cases und einem Rückblick auf 10 Jahre Standortentwicklung feiern.

Deutsch, 125 Seiten. Erhältlich als Print und E-Book hier.

swiss made software - the book, vol. 5: Fintech

swiss made software - Fintech is the fifth edition of our book series.

Swiss fintech is on the rise – but its full economic potential is far from being exhausted. Some observers even appear to fear that any potential profits could be lost in the complicated interplay between the interests of regulators, companies, the state and consumers. The primary solution and guiding principle here is the push for more radical innovation for Switzerland’s banking center. What sort of hopes and criticism lie in store for 2016?

swiss made software is trying to define the current status of this fascinating industry – an industry where global investment volumes tripled to more than 12.1 billion dollars in 2014. The book provides information on the current state of affairs in fintech, the strengths and activities of the various regions, crowdfunding, and the role played by the regulator, while also introducing stakeholders and explaining concepts like blockchain and Bitcoins. Volume 5 is rounded off with incisive specialist articles and interviews with renowned exponents of the Swiss IT industry.

English, 85 pages. Available in print, ePUB, PDF, and Mobi formats here.

swiss made software – das buch vol. 4 «public innovation»

swiss made software - Public Innovation is the fourth edition of our book series. It focuses on ICT at the intersection of the state, civil society and private companies.

'What is innovation?', 'Who is doing it?', 'And should they be doing it?' These are some of the questions asked. This book casts a spotlight on how innovation is achieved in other countries, as well as public procurement in Switzerland. We then look at efficiency gains - how we can achieve more with less money, or better services for the same costs.

Finally, there is a discussion of the role of the state in the innovation process involving a number of key players in the Swiss IT industry.

Available in print, ePUB, PDF, Mobi and mobile-optimzed online formats from mid Febuary here.

swiss made software - the book

swiss made software - the book highlights Switzerland as a location for IT development on the basis of facts, figures and case studies. These insights are supplemented with interviews with some of Switzerland's leading entrepreneurs.

Major topics in IT include the financial sector, security and related challenges, new opportunities for collaborative work, and IT in industrial and embedded environment. A wide variety of innovative ideas complete the picture.

Details including a free online version can be found here (d/e).

Price: 39 CHF (print), 19.90 (ebook)

swiss made software – the book vol. 2

This book is only available in German.

swiss made software - the book vol. 1

This book is only available in German.