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swiss made software – uniting quality and digital sovereignty

More than 1,100 companies are proud members of the swiss made software, swiss hosting, and swiss digital services labels. The swiss made software member companies employ a combined total of around 25,000 ICT professionals and offer more than 800 products and services via the www.swissmadesoftware.org platform.    swiss made software promotes the Swiss ICT industry as a forward-looking economic sector that is of foundational importance to Switzerland’s digital sovereignty.   

swiss made software’s main activities include assessing and awarding the swiss made software, swiss hosting, and swiss digital services labels and operating the swiss made software platform, which provides intuitive and insightful access to the members’ products and services. The platform is a central resource for companies and public authorities that trust Swiss quality and are looking for a Swiss solution to their digital challenges.  swiss made software is the largest network of Swiss ICT companies, which together employ more than 25,000 ICT professionals. 

Aside from managing the labels and platform, swiss made software boosts the visibility of the Swiss ICT sector, while also fostering valuable connections and partnerships among its stakeholders.  Once a year, the swiss developer survey dives into the core of Swiss software development as a profession, and ICT users can find useful guides on selected ICT topics via our content hubs. swiss made software also provides regular opportunities for experts in the Swiss ICT sector to come together and exchange ideas and expertise as part of the dataspace switzerland and it's about tech events series.

This broad portfolio enables swiss made software to play an important role in strengthening Switzerland’s position as a centre of ICT excellence. Indeed, the sector’s importance has grown significantly over the past decade, both economically and strategically. A strong domestic software and ICT industry is a fundamental prerequisite for Swiss companies, institutions, and residents to be able to determine their own digital future.  This is how digital sovereignty is becoming reality with swiss made software.