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Your listing on increases your company’s visibility. At the same time, you’re helping to increase the prominence of the Swiss software industry. Read more about the terms for using the swiss made software, swiss digital services or swiss hosting labels. Currently there are three membership variants:

  • Level 1 - Label: CHF 120* per year
  • Level 2 - Label + Platform: CHF 550* per year
  • Start-up membership: free upgrade from Level 1 to Level 2. CHF 120* per year.

* All prices quoted exclusive of VAT.

Details on the different levels can be found here. You can select the appropriate level below. After a brief telephone evaluation, you will receive a login to allow you to download the logo.

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swiss made software GmbH does not control the use of the logo. swiss made software GmbH assumes no responsibility for the content of software, websites, or linked online presences that bear this logo, nor any sites to which these refer or link to. This website and the logos are provided as a service only. swiss made software GmbH is not responsible for their use. About swiss made software + swiss digital services: There are two criteria which must be met for a product to be advertised as Swiss: 1. The proportion of production costs incurred in Switzerland must make up at least 60% of total production costs. 2. The most significant part of the manufacturing process must have taken place in Switzerland. About swiss hosting: The terms of use are detailed in a separate agreement. These terms are hereby explicitly accepted. All: Our company hereby accepts the terms and conditions published by swiss made software GmbH on their website. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from and in connection with these agreements is Basel.