steering committee

jonas felix, co-founder, co-founder

Jonas Felix has always had a passion for software development. At the end of the 90s, he made his first steps as a developer and entrepreneur. During the 2000s he developed one Europe's first business-oriented Social Networks and built up a leading web development company in Basel, which he successfully sold with his partner in 2016. He then co-founded, the digital marketing company and the provider of development courses He continues to contribute regularly to open source projects.


christian walter, managing partner swiss made software

Christian Walter is the managing partner and editorial director at swiss made software. He worked as an IT journalist for IT magazine Netzwoche until the end of 2010, also publishing articles most recently in Swiss IT MagazineComputerworld, and inside-it. He previously worked in consulting, finding his way into quality management in a medium-sized logistics company, which he led for a number of years.

Christian Walter graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Basel.