swiss made start-ups

We at swiss made software have been proud to support the Swiss start-up scene since 2010. Start-ups that meet the criteria below can receive Level 2 for the price of Level 1 (CHF 120 instead of CHF 550). The duration is limited to four years. This gives start-ups access to all Level 2 services. The following conditions apply:

  • The start-up must meet all of the standard label criteria.
  • The start-up must have already been founded and must be no older than three years.
  • The start-up must offer an innovative product or service.
  • The product or service offered must be commercially available at the time of registration.

Currently, a maximum of twenty start-ups will be granted the free upgrade per year. These places are allocated on a rolling basis.Two new start-ups are usually selected approximately once every five weeks. We receive many applications, so the process may take several weeks. For more information, please get in touch via email.

Apply here.

partnership with Digitale Schweiz

Thanks to a partnership with Digitale Schweiz, the start-ups we support are also awarded a free two-year presence on the Digital Switzerland market and expert-platform.

The start-up can present itself with its logo, a brief company profile, and a personal profile of a selected company expert including a photo on this popular skills platform.

The platform can also be used to actively communicate with the broader industry via professional articles, expert interviews, and more.

Please contact us via this email address for more information.