about our labels

Digital sovereignty is important to Switzerland’s independence. Equally, a strong ICT sector is central to national digital sovereignty. Strengthening Switzerland’s ICT sector: This is swiss made software’s reason to exist. 
We enable Swiss ICT providers to identify themselves with quality labels such as swiss made software, swiss hosting, and swiss digital services and list them on the swissmadesoftware.org platform.  Those who care about digital sovereignty in ICT procurement can use the platform to find more than 1,200 label holders and 800 products and services.  swiss made software is the largest network of Swiss ICT companies, which together employ more than 25,000 ICT professionals.

swiss made software

swiss made software denotes high-quality Swiss ICT products and values such as quality, innovation, and precision in software development.


swiss digital services

swiss digital services denotes first-class Swiss ICT services and values such as independence, reliability, and integrity.


swiss hosting

swiss hosting is based on two promises:
1.    The data remains in Switzerland.
2.    This data can only be accessed by third parties via the Swiss authorities.
The first promise can be upheld by large international providers with a base in Switzerland – but not the second.