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  • digitally sovereign

    A digitally sovereign nation can at any time exercise control over the digital technologies and infrastructures in use within its borders. Is Switzerland digitally sovereign? No!

    That is why swiss made software advocates a digitally sovereign Switzerland. Especially in critical areas, Switzerland should be able to provide for itself digitally and grant actors sovereignty over their own data.

    At swiss made software, digital sovereignty is more than just a political demand, it is a lived reality: On our platform, users can find a wide range of software and services from over 1000 Swiss companies. This means that there is hardly a digital need for which a Swiss solution cannot be found.

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  • digitally strong

    The swiss made software label is dedicated to promoting the Swiss software industry, both at home and abroad. It combines Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision – especially in software development.

    The presence of numerous international corporations is a testament to Switzerland’s unique value as a place of software development: it is no coincidence that companies such as Google and IBM have research and development centers in Switzerland.

    This platform lists all companies which meet the requirements of the label – potential partners who are innovative, open and flexible.

    Since 2007, more than 1100 companies have been awarded the right to use the familiar "swiss made software", "swiss digital services" and/or "swiss hosting" seals. This represents more than 22,000 core ICT employees all over Switzerland. Currently more than 800 products and services are listed on our platform. The member companies are proud representatives of Swiss engineering and are committed to Switzerland as their chosen place of software development.

  • annual review 2023

    In 2023, swiss made software grew by a further 110 companies. This brought the number of companies using one of the swiss made software, swiss digital services or swiss hosting labels to over 1,200 members. There are also currently over 800 products and services on our platform

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    annual review 2023
  • internships & thesis

    Finding the right intern is not always easy. The same holds true for students trying to find the right place to do their thesis at. To make things easier swiss made software now offers an interactive webmap. The new service is launched in cooperation with ICT-Berufsbildung Schweiz.

    The map has a few additional functionalities as well: Users can look for specific companies by name or search for specific products and services. In other words the webmap is a handy tool to find the right partner from the swiss made software cosmos.

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