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GRITEC is your technology partner that designs, develops and implements technical devices, automation solutions and industrial processes. Expertise, experience and commitment are our guarantees for mutual success – high-performance solutions that will impress you and your end clients. GRITEC develops and implements software applications along the value chain. Product and production data from IoT devices and industrial automation are smartly networked. Smart-factory solutions are created. Software, database and security specialists develop applications for data exchange – from sensors to the cloud. Digital workflows and cockpits for visualisation are tailored precisely to the users’ needs.

Herr Matthias Schwaninger | Head of Business Unit Digital Industry

Trutwisstrasse 9
7214 Grüsch

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Contact: Herr Matthias Schwaninger
Tel +41587333850

Products & Services

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Base Package
Standard Package
Advanced Package
With INVISTA, we offer an open platform for the digitization of production facilities and test systems for various industries.
The INVISTA platform offers the customer quantifiable added value in the area of data management and monitoring.
INVISTA takes into account the current cyber security standards (IEC-62443) and offers all components for monitoring and efficient protection of your production infrastructure in the Advanced Package.
Additional features:
- Machine Learning
- Dashboard/ Reports
- PDF Reporting
- Environment Monitoring
- IEC-62443 Compliance
- CRF 21 Part 11 (FDA) Compliance
.NET Core
in Switzerland

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GRITEC develops effective strategies and innovations to create sustainable added value for our customers.
With passion, our engineers and specialists meet complex challenges with knowledge, skill and innovation.
Our software architects develop concepts and define the best technologies.
Whatever you need - IoT fullstack solutions, Microsoft .NET Core, technologies, responsive designs with HTML and Javascript or Linux embedded solutions with Yocto Project - GRITEC is the right partner.
IoT, Azure, Web, Embedded-Solution, Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Data Analytics, OT-Security, Desktop-Applikationen

OT-Cyber Security IEC-62443 Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

Digitization provides industrial companies with previously unimagined potential - but also confronts them with new challenges.
This also applies to cyber security. Gritec AG supports companies in making their production and products fit for cyber risks.
To do this, it relies on decades of industry expertise, existing standards (IEC-62443) and established strategies.
Services System Assess:
- System Testing/ Scanning
- OT-Infrastructure Check according to IEC 62443
- Consulting OT-Security IEC 62443
- Identification of technical vulnerabilities
Services Protect & Prevent:
- System architecture review
- Risk Assessment, Asset Values definition
- Assessment of processes and procedures
- Consulting for Security by Design
- Definition of effective measures
- Production network security (zoning, firewall, IDS, IPS, DPI)
Security IoT, Network Security, Security Consulting, Software for Engineering