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Cloud servers provide computing infrastructure over a network (usually the Internet). They can be located anywhere in the world and thus provide their services remotely. This is in contrast to the classic "on-premise" solution, directly at the company.

Cloud servers have the same functions as local servers (e.g. processing power, storage and applications). Users can choose between monthly and usage-based payment. The latter in particular is a key promise, because the services can scale and thus adapt to effective demand. Users therefore only pay for what they actually need.

Since theoretically the physical server can be at any place in the world, the customer must also weigh up data retention issues: How does the provider handle data protection? What is relevant - DSG or DSGVO? Where is the data located? In Switzerland but with a foreign entity (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.)? Is it swiss hosting (data is only accessible through Swiss-controlled entities)? Is the data held abroud and what rules and regulations apply because of this?

Swiss Solutions

Below you will find a list of Swiss providers. Clarify clearly your needs for data storage:

  • Data in non-EU countries (check data protection carefully in each case).
  • Data in the EU (DSGVO applies)
  • Data in Switzerland (DSG obligation, DSGVO possible)
  • swiss hosting (DSG obligation, DSGVO possible, only variant that blocks direct access by foreign authorities)
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