bar informatik ag

BAR Informatik AG was founded in 1990 and operates in the following areas.

Data Centre ColoBrig
The progressive data centre was established in conjunction with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn and ensures maximum security thanks to its position in Brig.
(not in an atomic EMP zone, flood-proof (3rd floor), earthquake-proof, connected to Brig train station, electricity supply from the railway company, etc.)

Web & Software
Website & software development for police, SMEs, local government, railways and private customers.

IT Solutions
Standard hard- and software partner.

Since 2015 due the retirement of the founder the succession plan has been put in to place and over the last 5 years has proved succesful. 100% of shares belong to company managment / employees. Zero outside capital

Herr Ralf Zenklusen | CEO

Weidenweg 235
3902 Brig-Glis

Tel 027 922 48 48

About the label swiss hosting

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We offer internships
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Contact: Mr. Ralf Zenklusen

Products & Services

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Hoster with own computing center in Brig with years of experience in the areas of web- mailhosting, domains etc.
in Switzerland

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Websites based on Wordpress.
Experience with shops (WooCommerce), ticket reservation and booking systems and the most common plugins.
Great experience in tourism (Feratel Silber Partner), Outdooractive and many more.
in Switzerland

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Linux and Windows Server.
(Proxmox, VMWare, HyperV)
Whether in the computing centre or in your SME, you will find the right product with us.
in Switzerland