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Active since 2001 in IT Services for critical missions’ organizations involving sensitive data, we offer a wide range of secured solutions tailored to different types of activities. Our customers include medical institutions such as public hospitals making us at top of technical and security constraints specific to the health sector, as well as industry and welfare institutions.

We also develop specialized applications and manage their integration into customer environnement.

With Globaz, companies can focus to boost their business and creating value for their customers, while we make sure the IT needed is at the state of the art.

We offer such a wide range of IT solutions, that you can choose up to where we can support you in: Cloud Services, Modern Workplace, Cybersecurity, RPA, ...

Mr. Gabriel Fuchs | Head of Operations Services

2340 Le Noirmont

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Contact: Mrs Céline Broggi
Tel +41329576000

Products & Services

Privat / Hybrid Cloud Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

You decide on our level of intervention and management, and we offer you a customized hosting solution.
We offer several private cloud solutions, ranging from traditional hosting (HaaS) to a fully managed service provided by our specialists (SaaS) or virtual desktops (DaaS).
Our two separate DataCenters are located in Switzerland and are Tier III and Swiss hosting certified.

With Globaz, you get a tailor-made Cloud provider !
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Cybersecurity Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

We take care of our customers' safety as our own

We offer innovative and high-performance, solutions to manage your security efficiently. As experts, we not only support you in setting up and using these solutions, but also in training your staff and helping you to adopt best practices.
We can guide you to:
• Implement security best practices
• manage compliance and governance
• audit your information systems
• Assess risks
• Detect threats and vulnerabilities
• Design remediation plans
• Respond to attacks
• And much more...
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Software Development Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

Globaz has 20 years' experience in developing software solutions that can be integrated into complex systems.

Drawing on this experience, we offer you our recognised skills in the analysis, design and development of distributed architectures, mainly based on Java technologies, as well as in testing and validation activities.
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