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When you choose Netsafe, you get a real partner. A partner who knows his customers very well, listens to them and knows what they need. A partner who treats its customers' IT with as much care as if it were its own. A partner who gives the good feeling that data is in a safe place. That processes run smoothly. That the company remains competitive and that customers can concentrate on the essentials of their daily business. Netsafe is THE partner for complete IT solutions that customers trust completely.

"Because IT is a matter of trust"

Herr Mathias Ebneter | CEO

Heiligkreuzstrasse 2
9008 St. Gallen

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Products & Services

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Data are the most important resources of your company. It must be available anytime and anywhere, while being kept absolutely secure. Today, such solutions are offered by cloud systems that allow your data to be stored and accessed online. However, there are a multitude of details and legal requirements to consider. That's why you should trust our backup services. With us as a strong partner, you play it safe.

Your benefit:
- Data backup in Switzerland
- Additional security through data storage outside the company location
- High scalability
- Monthly calculable costs

Our solutions:
- Veeam Cloud Connect
- S3 Object Storage Service
- Backup for Microsoft 365
in Switzerland

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Cloud services are suitable for all companies. They support business challenges and form the basis of successful digitalisation. In addition, they are quickly available, almost infinitely scalable and allow you to order resources on-demand and use them exactly as needed. With our cloud services, we make your company more efficient, more powerful and more economical.

Cloud services are one of our main areas of expertise. For us, there are no projects that are too complex to outsource to the cloud. Our know-how accumulated over many years gives us the necessary flexibility to offer you the best products and customised cloud solutions.

Our services:
- Netsafe Cloud
- Hybrid Cloud
- Private Cloud
in Switzerland