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Nine is a leading Swiss provider of managed service solutions and offers comprehensive application and platform management in the public and private cloud. Nine products include (a proprietary app engine), Nine Kubernetes Engine (a proprietary managed Kubernetes platform), vCluster (virtual Kubernetes clusters), fully automated on-demand databases (DBaaS) and GPU servers (for AI/AI, LLM, etc.). The company is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and employs around 40 people. Websites such as, and are operated in public clouds and in two of the company's own Swiss data centers. Nine stands for maximum availability and performance, 24/7 monitoring and full scalability.

Badenerstrasse 47
8004 Zürich

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Contact: Frau Büchner Elena
Tel +41 44 637 40 15

Products & Services

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We operate hardware servers for you in our data centers and equip them with additional SSDs or more RAM on request. You get maximum performance for your applications and benefit from computing power that is only available for your projects.

- Freedom of thought and concentration on core business
- Managed means Nine takes care!
- Maximum performance for the highest requirements
- Available as a failover "HA" product
- independence
- Dedicated physical server

Benefit from our flexible virtual servers with comprehensive server management. Whether you work on a project basis and operate campaigns or customer projects individually or want to operate on the market yourself and react flexibly to changes, we are there for you.
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Turbocharge your App Hosting: Deploio simplifies your life! As a future-oriented app engine, we simplify the use and management of your web applications. Say goodbye to technical complications and focus on what you do best: creating stunning applications.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): Our platform integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows and offers you simple deployment, scalability, flexible management and much more. Everything on a safely hosted Swiss platform.

Deploio is genuine Swiss quality and 100% Swiss-owned. For developers and companies looking for precision, safety and compliance - with root server in the same network and 24/7 support. And, by the way: Deploio is ISO 27001 certified.
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We don’t just manage your Kubernetes cluster, we provide a fully maintained software stack of open source industry standard tools which provide everything you need to run your containers in production. This will allow you to keep your focus on your application.

Managed Kubernetes is for those who want to run their containers in a production ready environment without the overhead of administering a cluster or running the ancillary services which enable you to get the most out of your cluster.

We know that having a bulletproof, production ready Kubernetes environment is not just about managing a cluster. It’s about providing monitoring, logging, backups, continuous deployment and all the other tools and services which you need to be confident that your application is working as intended.
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