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    ti&m security suite
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    Security and authorisation is often considered a necessary evil instead of a chance to stand out from competitors. Security must be easy to use and convenient to avoid threads due to user error. That’s why we put the user into the center of our security solution. There is no need for cryptic passwords or clumsy hardware devices. We simply use the users Smartphone as electronic passport to authenticate the user. Furthermore we protect this passport using modern cryptography and a user selected Pin-Code or his Fingerprint to prevent it from being copied or misused. The ti&m security suite knows how its users behave and can calculate the probability as to whether the current user is actually the legitimate user. Based on this probability, along with any unusual transactions or payments, it is possible to assess whether or not the current transaction is a risk transaction. If there is a high risk, the user can be informed of unusual activity via push notifications, email, or telephone. All of this in real time, of course.
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