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weroSoft AG is an IT service provider based on Microsoft .NET technology. The name of the company stands for the production of software products as well as customer-specific software developments, especially the implementation of complex and distributed client-server applications in mission-critical environments. A partnership-based cooperation is at the heart of your projects with us; we guarantee complete transparency in all areas. Thanks to our agile process methodology, we can implement your wishes at any time, even in ongoing projects.

We are happy to support you with our services and products.

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Herr Patrick Arpagaus | CEO

Industriestrasse 21
3052 Zollikofen

Tel +41 31 544 25 25

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wsHeron is a server-side framework with prefabricated modules and functions for creating distributed applications according to the latest standards and architecture specifications. wsHeron implements a "state of the art" architecture along with numerous ready to use modules. This enables effortlessly adding your own logic throughout all levels of the application. The basic and modular technique of building a server and its communication can be used out of the box. The modular ideology and structure of wsHeron emphasizes professionalism in your project. The framework can be used for simple as well as for complex and distributed server applications.

Different models for handling and the integrating your business logic, enable reacting to the real scenarios and processes of your projects in an optimized and efficient way. As a server-side framework, wsHeron is a product without user interface. For managing the configuration as well as for monitoring the system, module-oriented user interfaces, based on the client-side application framework, wsTriton are used.

Our frameworks are based entirely on the .NET Framework from Microsoft. Due to the loose coupling as well as the strictly typed and open interfaces, the client side can also be implemented in any technology.

Many requirements cannot be implemented using standard software, or only at great expense, in which an individual software solution must be used. With the use of wsHeron the investment costs for the development of an individual solution can be massively reduced and prepared for future adaptations. wsHeron is continuously developed and adapted to the progress of technology. This guarantees you long-term maintenance security and release capability of your own application.

wsTriton Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

wsTriton is a client-side framework with ready-made modules and functions for the creation of web and desktop applications based on plug-in technology.

wsTriton can be used for the implementation of client-server applications as well as for the implementation of pure desktop or web applications. The control, as well as the appearance of the user interface is easily configurable, optionally with a standard menu with or without toolbar or with a ribbon. An extensive function library supports the writing of your own components in order to create your own dialogs and forms quickly and easily.

The product specifies the use of a modern "state of the art" architecture in terms of security, reusability and scalability. The application framework is based entirely on the .NET Framework from Microsoft and is implemented with the technologies of the Windows Presentation Foundation WPF and ASP.NET MVC. Thanks to the plug-in principle, own modules can be integrated into the own application very quickly and easily.

Using wsTriton simplifies everyday life of a developer and thus massively accelerates the implementation of the planed project. Topics such as "multilingualism", "security", "user guidance" and the like are all fully integrated in the product, which saves a lot of time in the production of your own solution. Furthermore, additional modules for testing the solution are available, an integration into the Team Foundation Server as well as other valuable development contribute to work efficiency.

wsFlow Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Commercially available workflow management systems often reach their limits when it comes to automating more complex workflows in system-critical or security-relevant infrastructures. wsFlow differs significantly from the standard and offers the desired advantages through the following unique selling points.

The possibility of executing distributed workflows allows even the most complicated scenarios to be executed in mission-critical and classified environments. The workflow steps are carried out with the corresponding rights matching the machines they run on, regardless of the resource which originally started the workflow.

The interruptible execution ensures that a workflow is correctly continued, on the same or a defined backup system without manual intervention, after a system failure.

Due to the consistent versioning of the workflow templates, upcoming changes can be executed during operation without affecting workflows that are still being processed.

Thanks to the modular structure of the Workflow Engine based on plug-in technology resulting in easy expandability, enables matching any needs, writing individual commands and completely connecting third-party systems without great expense.