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PrimeSoft forms the head of a leading group of companies in the field of software development and template software based on Microsoft technologies. The PrimeSoft Group currently has locations in the Swiss cantons of Thurgau and Zug as well as in Munich (Germany). More than 600,000 users benefit from our efficient and user-friendly software solutions every day.

Mr. Martin Vogt | CEO

Bahnhofstrasse 4
8360 Eschlikon

Tel +41 71 511 0 500

About the label

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We offer internships

Contact: Mr. David Flury
Tel +41 58 510 26 26

Products & Services

OneOffixx - the clever template management solution Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

On premise or as software as a service (SaaS)
OneOffixx optimizes Microsoft Office.

Expect more from OneOffixx. The industry's leading software reduces operating costs and improves efficiency. It enhances the work comfort in office environments considerably.

Who needs OneOffixx? All companies and organizations that do not want to waste time with templates, content management and template management and want to save money with the help of efficiency enhancements from OneOffixx.
C#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server or Express

OneConnexx Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

On demand
OneConnexx is a lean and powerful Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that complements the existing IT architecture as a central data hub.

OneConnexx can collect, edit or move data and perform many other tasks. Applications communicate with each other modularly (i.e., rather lasagne than spaghetti architecture) and trough reusable services (according to a service-oriented architecture / SOA).
C#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server

primedocs template software: The better way to create documents. Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

On Premise oder als
Software as a Service (SaaS) erhältlich
Working with Microsoft 365 documents has never been easier: With primedocs, you can save effort and costs across the board.

Creating CI/CD compliant Microsoft documents has never been easier.

With primedocs:

- employees automatically apply the correct corporate design elements when creating company documents.

- you can create professional letters, presentations, statistics, and other corporate documents with minimal effort.

- you will improve productivity and save significant costs.

C#, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server or Express, Azure