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basic information

The swiss developer survey 2019 has 968 participants. Of these, 682 have completely answered the survey. Some of the incomplete answers went very far. Therefore, all persons who answered at least five questions were considered. Since answering many questions was not obligatory, the number of answers varies between 650 and 968 depending on the question.

The vast majority of the 968 participants work for a Swiss company in Switzerland or abroad. In this case 922 people or 95.25 percent. Only 43 people work for a foreign company.
Nearly 90 percent of the participants live in Switzerland. Of these 816 people, over 80 percent have lived here for more than 10 years. About 4 percent came to Switzerland less than a year ago.

More than 95 percent (869 people) work mainly in Switzerland. The overwhelming majority (just over 90 percent) of the participants come from German-speaking Switzerland. Unfortunately, we were only able to motivate about 68 people from the Romandie to participate. There is definitely still room for improvement.
Of the persons living abroad, the answers are distributed evenly between Germany, Croatia, and North Macedonia - with individual votes from Serbia, Austria, Estonia, Spain, and Poland.

68 percent of the participants have the Swiss passport. Interestingly, there are 70 people (about 7 percent) in the naturalization process. Hopp Schwiiz!

Unsurprisingly, male dominance is 89 percent. 9 percent are women and 22 people have identified as "Other" or did not want to give any indication.

In terms of age, the participants are mixed - 70 percent are in the age group between 25 and 44 years.

40 percent of the participants have children and 3 per cent are about to become parents - we wish the expectant parents all the best.

More than 76 percent of the participants work full time, 18 percent part time and only 2 percent are freelancers. You value the workplace. It is also interesting that the share of part-time workers is well below the Swiss average of 37 percent.

The participants are widely distributed in the Swiss economy, although some areas clearly dominate. 40 percent of the participants are generalists and develop software for all industries. 14 percent work in the financial / fintech environment. The public sector is represented by 8 percent. By contrast, less than one percent work in IT security.

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