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Responsibility and trust

Friday 15.11.2019 Christian Walter
Christian Walter

Christian Walter ist Geschäftsführer und Redaktionsleiter von swiss made software. Bis Ende 2010 arbeitete er als Fachjournalist für das ICT-Magazin Netzwoche, publizierte zuletzt aber auch im Swiss IT Magazin, der Computerworld sowie inside-it.

An ERP product by nature complex. No wonder, then, that insuretech software producer Adcubum, based in St. Gallen, has always been dedicated to mastering the relevant technologies. This is only possible with the right staff.

Adcubum fosters a distinct combination of responsibility and trust among its employees to create its high-quality product: “It’s in many respects a bottom-up culture,” explains Stefan Rüttimann, Adcubum’s head of development. “Every employee is listened to and technology decisions are made during product development.”

We draw clear distinctions based on whether a technology-related choice can be easily reversed or not. In the latter case, we initiate a specific process to create transparency around the decision. One example is our current work to develop web UIs in the context of our cloud strategy. In order to be able to develop standardized interfaces in the future, an internal team is currently designing its own framework.

Less critical decisions, on the other hand, are made independently and autonomously within the team. “We have to continuously check and renew the technological basis of our software if we want to get and stay ahead,” says Rüttimann.  This is why every channel is used to inspire and define the company’s technology roadmap, including online research, trend scouting, conferences, and formal discussions with customers and business partners.

Use every channel

But for this balance of autonomy and responsibility to function, the company takes great care to select the right employees: Aside from technical skills, Adcubum also looks for communication skills, the ability to work well in a team, and a willingness to take on responsibility. This is also why candidates are given an in-depth view of their future team and area of work. Moreover, the teams themselves are included in the hiring process.

Naturally, there are clear requirements in terms of technical competence: “Compared to software agencies, we have less technological diversity in our company. This makes it all the more important to fully understand the ins and outs of the technologies that are used. So we’re really looking for mastery,” Rüttimann explains.  “Both employees and the company invest in developing the necessary expertise.  It’s hard work on both sides, but this is what it takes to create Adcubum’s high-quality product.

Mastery and quality

Nobody bears responsibility alone. “We regularly review our goals – as employees, teams, and as a company,” says Rüttimann.  We then reflect on and share what we’ve learned. This also allows us to adjust our direction as necessary. “Our employees are most motivated when their work clearly plays a part in the achievement of our objectives. We create transparency by breaking down the company’s goals so the teams can see the importance of what they’re doing.”

The elements of transparency, responsibility, freedom, trust, and investment form the basis of the company’s corporate culture, which in turn produces a high-quality product. “Our customers expect us to provide them with sustainable solutions to protect their investments and master the digital transformation process,” says Rüttimann. “That’s our goal.”

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