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Similar to frameworks and libraries, there is a large variety of platforms with very different use cases. This section is about identifying the most used platforms.

There are platforms on which developers can run their applications relatively freely, regardless of which framework or which language used - for example, Linux, AWS or Kubernetes / Docker. But there are also platforms for which a software has been specifically developed, so that the platform is almost part of the application. These include Apple Watch or SAP.

Two more highlights from the comments: On the one hand, the freelancer platform Upwork - this raises the question of whether it is considered as a source of work or as a way to outsource. On the other hand Solaris, which was perhaps mentioned for nostalgic reasons.

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Platforms developers use

  • It is interesting to see that Linux leads when we are using the label "platform" , while as an operating system used by developers it is clearly behind Windows and MacOS / OSX remains (see x).
  • The high positioning of Docker shows that containers have already found their way into the day-to-day business of developers. Applications are packed in so-called containers, which in turn can be delivered to a cluster. Docker serves as a solution for the effective container abstraction. Also in the top 10 is Kubernetes used for the orchestration of large clusters.
  • Android and iOS are relevant platforms. However, it is unclear whether for native apps or web apps.
  • As for Slack, the question arises as to whether the technology is simply being used or whether plug-ins are being developed for it. Most developers probably use it for communication without actually developing for it.
  • The placement of Raspberry Pi and Arduino shows that single-board computers are increasingly used - most likely in the context of prototype construction, embedded systems or industrial automation.
  • Wordpress is the top ranking web content management system in the list, followed by TYPO3 and then Drupal.
  • AWS leads Azure and Google Cloud. Also on the list are Heroku and with only seven entries close to the end, IBM Cloud.
Linux 454
Windows Desktop or Server 415
Docker 325
mac OS / OS X 314
Android 309
iOS 238
Slack 237
Raspberry Pi 194
SpringBoot 156
Kubernetes 150
WordPress 143
AWS 142
Azure 118
SharePoint 104
Arduino 76
Google Cloud Platform/App Engine 67
Apple Watch or Apple TV 66
Gaming console 59
Serverless 57
Firebase 56
Heroku 48
SAP 44
ESP8266 31
Google Home 31
TYPO3 28
Drupal 27
Pivotal / Cloud Foundry 24
Amazon Echo 18
Windows Phone 18
Salesforce 16
Mainframe 14
OpenShift* 11
IBM Cloud or Watson 7

Platforms developers would like to use

  • In the previous section it became clear that many developers pack their applications in containers and orchestrate them with Kubernetes. Now it turns out that there are many coders who have this on their wish list as well.
  • There is also great interest in Arduino and Raspberry Pi. It will be interesting to see if this holds where we ask about intoducing new platforms.
  • In the cloud area, Serverless has moved up the list. It is a technology that is not yet used widely but is attracting a lot of interest. That the cloud actually still takes place in data centers on the ground and Serverless also runs on servers, is a technological development free of semantics.
  • Linux is also high on the list, while Windows Desktop and Server are almost at the bottom.
Kubernetes 92
Docker 78
Raspberry Pi 69
Linux 67
AWS 58
Azure 53
Arduino 50
Serverless 49
Google Cloud Platform/App Engine 38
Slack 33
SpringBoot 33
Android 32
mac OS / OS X 28
Firebase 27
Heroku 22
iOS 17
Google Home 17
Pivotal / Cloud Foundry 17
Gaming console 15
Apple Watch or Apple TV 14
WordPress 11
Drupal 9
IBM Cloud or Watson 9
SharePoint 8
Windows Phone 8
Amazon Echo 7
Windows Desktop or Server 5
Salesforce 5

Platforms developers like

  • The top 10 of platforms used largely coincides with the top 10 of liked.
  • Developers like Linux, Docker and MacOS - but also Windows desktop or server.
  • Here we have filtered more deeply and see, for example, that of the 104 developers that use SharePoint only 13 like it. Unlike, for example, SpringBoot, which is liked by 121 of its 156 users.
Linux 363
Docker 236
mac OS / OS X 209
Android 203
Windows Desktop or Server 197
Raspberry Pi 191
iOS 154
Slack 149
SpringBoot 121
Kubernetes 119
Arduino 94
AWS 90
Azure 67
WordPress 56
Serverless 54
Google Cloud Platform/App Engine 48
Firebase 44
Apple Watch or Apple TV 43
Heroku 41
Gaming console 41
ESP8266 27
SharePoint 22
Pivotal / Cloud Foundry 20
Windows Phone 20
Google Home 14
Drupal 12
TYPO3 11
Amazon Echo 9
IBM Cloud or Watson 7
Mainframe 7
Salesforce 5

Platforms developers don't like

  • Now we see the revers of previous results: Few say that they dislike Linux even though it is heavily used. But many developers do not really like Windows.
  • WordPress, the most widely used CMS in the world, now has some critics. But things are similar with TYPO3 and Drupal.
  • Surprising is the high ranking of iOS. Especially since it is about development and not about the use of the system.
  • With SAP and SharePoint, the more proprietary solutions are once again at the top.
Windows Desktop or Server 142
WordPress 107
SharePoint 102
iOS 84
SAP 83
mac OS / OS X 75
TYPO3 68
Windows Phone 57
Android 53
Drupal 45
Slack 37
Azure 33
Linux 27
Apple Watch or Apple TV 27
AWS 24
Docker 23
Salesforce 23
Amazon Echo 22
Google Home 20
SpringBoot 17
Mainframe 15
Kubernetes 13
Google Cloud Platform/App Engine 13
Firebase 12
Heroku 12
Arduino 10
Serverless 10
IBM Cloud or Watson 10
Gaming console 9
Raspberry Pi 8

Platforms developers want to adopt

  • Unlike with languages, the platforms that developers want to introduce match very well with those who want to try them out.
  • At the top, once again, we find Linux, Docker and Kubernetes. This is uncorrelated with developers using Windows on the desktop or not.
  • The only exception is Arduino. Only 15 of its 50 users would like to adopt it. Maybe because effective use cases are missing in many companies.
Linux 116
Docker 98
Kubernetes 61
Slack 55
mac OS / OS X 54
Android 47
Raspberry Pi 45
Azure 34
SpringBoot 34
Serverless 32
iOS 30
AWS 30
Windows Desktop or Server 24
Firebase 19
Arduino 15
Google Cloud Platform/App Engine 14
WordPress 11
Apple Watch or Apple TV 11
ESP8266 9
SharePoint 8
Windows Phone 6
Heroku 6
Gaming console 6
Pivotal / Cloud Foundry 6

Platforms developers want to replace

  • It might of intererst here to juxtapose the amount of developers who want to retain a platform with the amount who would like to replace it. An example:

Windows desktop or server

-> 89 want to replace it
-> 150 recommend keeping it


-> 59 want to replace it
-> 19 recommend keeping it

  • Interestingly enough, the three most widely used web content management systems can also be found in the top 10. Whether this has anything to do with the programming language in which they are developed, is an open question. But internationally no other web content management systems were mentioned.



Windows Desktop or Server 89
SharePoint 59
WordPress 52
Windows Phone 49
SAP 46
TYPO3 35
mac OS / OS X 34
iOS 33
Drupal 24
Slack 22
Mainframe 18
Android 14
AWS 12
Apple Watch or Apple TV 11
Heroku 11
Pivotal / Cloud Foundry 11
Salesforce 11
Linux 10
Docker 10
SpringBoot 9
Amazon Echo 9
Google Home 9
Raspberry Pi 9
Azure 7
IBM Cloud or Watson 7
Firebase 6
Arduino 6
Google Cloud Platform/App Engine 6
Serverless 5

Platforms developers want to keep

  • Here again it is advisable to compare this list with the previous one. How many participants want to replace a platform with how many want to keep it, etc.
  • So if, for example, 11 developers want to keep SAP, there are 46 who want to replace it. At the same time nobody recommends introducing it. In addition, there are 83 people who do not like SAP and only 8 like it. In total it has 44 users.
Linux 216
Windows Desktop or Server 150
Docker 149
Android 128
mac OS / OS X 127
iOS 97
Slack 74
SpringBoot 74
Kubernetes 71
Raspberry Pi 58
AWS 51
WordPress 41
Azure 41
Arduino 30
Google Cloud Platform/App Engine 26
Apple Watch or Apple TV 23
SharePoint 19
Firebase 19
Gaming console 19
Serverless 15
SAP 11
Heroku 11
Pivotal / Cloud Foundry 11
Drupal 10
ESP8266 9
Windows Phone 6
Google Home 6
Mainframe 5
Salesforce 5

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