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    Modulos Data-Centric AI platform
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    Modulos provides a comprehensive AI software platform designed to fundamentally improve ML models' performance by improving the data quality used for their training. Typical users are business and data scientists which together are responsible for the AI project requirements, expected performance, and deployment into production. The low-code/no-code platform is ideated with simplicity in mind enabling organizations to experiment, and prototype AI applications cost-effectively collaboratively in a safe and guided environment. Throughout the process chances of success are maximized by our unique system recommendations which assist the ML creation process end to end. The first commercial version on the market since Mid May 2022. Modulos Data-Centric AI platform consists of a three-tier pricing scheme (Basic, Pro and Enterprise) and a 14-day free trial option. The pricing strategy follows a consumption-based pricing model. The platform pricing scales based on customers’ computing needs which are driven by use case and amount of users. Competitive advantage: Modulos Data quality for Machine Learning value proposition is today a unique offering in the industry and first of its kind.
    Machine Learning platform
    Insurance, Machine Learning, Banking Systems, Deep Learning, Software for Engineering
    Modulos AG