topboard | simple, efficient and smart!

topboard wants to give everyone access to the digitalization of meetings and their content.

The objective is to simplify the organization, the holding and the reporting of each meeting that occurs on a daily basis.

From the minutes of an association committee meeting to the general meeting of a company, topboard enables the digital management of any type of meeting.

Whether face-to-face, remote or hybrid, topboard takes care of everything, from convening members to taking minutes, from voting on a pro-rata basis to the automated announcement of decisions made at meetings.

topboard LLC | Simplify your meetings!

Rue Jacques-Grosselin 6
PO Box 1346
1227 Carouge, Geneva

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Contact: M. Olivier Terrettaz


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Subscriptions :
For the details of each subscription, you will find their features on our website at

The prices below are indications. Only the prices indicated on the website are contractual.

"Basic" for 5 meetings per year
- CHF 20.- exc. VAT per month or CHF 204.- exc. VAT per year

"Essential" up to 365 meetings per year
- CHF 96.- exc. VAT per month or CHF 979.- exc. VAT per year

"Professional" unlimited meetings per year
- CHF 196.- exc. VAT per month or CHF 1'999.- exc. VAT per year
Make life easier for board members and general meetings, but not only!

All features in a single interface by bringing together powerful and easy-to-use tools, organizing your meetings and sessions becomes a breeze.
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