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Swiss SafeLab is a Swiss company from the center of Bern with core expertises in identity management, two factor solutions and serves as a reliable value added text messaging service provider.

Especially remote accesses become safer and easier with our solutions.

Neuengasse 20
3011 Bern

Tel +41 31 932 31 86

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Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

4.8.2 (10/7/2015)
Many two-factor authentication solutions are based on additional devices/tokens. However, with these it is always cumbersome to carry them along. M. ID solves this problem in an elegant way: The OTP (one time password) is sent as text message to user's cell phone. Alternatively it can be generated with an app on smartphones or similar devices.
Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server is a software security solution purely based on Java technology. Swiss SafeLab M.ID Server fits seamlessly in existing infrastructures as no additional hardware (Server, Appliances) have to be aquired.

Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing is a cost-effective manner, powerful/high-performance text message providing. Outages of well-known text message providers in the past showed the vulnerability of these systems - but not with Swiss SafeLab SMS Providing. Our SMS providing offers access points inland and abroad and appealing services beyond text message.
ASP.NET, XML Web Services

Swiss SafeLab XFiler Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

0.6.1 (01/11/2016)
Swiss SafeLab XFiler is a free Windows Forms Application which provides several file and directory operation such as:

> directory comparison
> file encryption
> file splitting
> batch renaming
> batch download
> and many more.

Some of these operations are available as command line parameters (CLI) and thus XFiler is useful for PowerShell and batch scripts. Some functionalites are only available while in CLI mode (see chapter 5).

Why yet another file and folder utility? There are already so many available for free? For production environments especially on server platforms you have to use reliable software. Software without bloatware, software without backdoors and/or home call functionalities, software without advertisement and without restricted EULA. This is where Swiss SafeLab XFiler comes into play.