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Important: Note to METANET customers with "swiss hosting" label

Tuesday 05.07.2022

In the course of the affiliation to the dogado group of companies, METANET changes from the label "swiss hosting" to "swiss digital services". METANET customers who are also "swiss hosting" members must contact swiss made software to clarify whether the framework conditions will continue to be met. 

The "swiss hosting" label requires that the majority of the company is Swiss owned. This is no longer the case due to the new ownership structure. If METANET customers rely on "swiss hosting" and thereby exclusively on services from METANET, they must immediately contact swiss made software, the operators of "swiss hosting", so that the further fulfillment of the framework conditions can be checked. Here you will find the requirements to carry the label - please also note the legal consequences.

Contact swiss made software:
Christian Walter
+41 (0)61 690 20 52

METANET now uses the label "swiss digital services" - with this the company shows that nothing has changed in the provision of services: All employees are still based in Switzerland and work from here. METANET's servers also continue to be operated in the company's traditional data centers in Switzerland. "swiss digital services" requires at least 60 percent of the value added to be generated in Switzerland; METANET achieves 95 percent in this regard.