memberships benefits

There are currently two membership options: Level 1 members have access to a limited range of services, while Level 2 members have access to the full range. All details are listed below.

for level 1 and level 2

1. use of the logo show detail hide detail

You are entitled to use the swiss made software label to advertise your products and services. Tips on correct usage can be found here.

2. sales show detail hide detail

Switzerland is a world leader in innovation. The Swiss cross is also an internationally recognized mark of quality. It signifies deeply defined cultural values, such as punctuality and precision, which are based on a world-leading culture of education and training. In other words: Where security and critical infrastructure are concerned, every client who buys Swiss is in good hands.

As Swiss-made companies, you benefit from our country’s strong reputation, while playing your role in permanently establishing Switzerland’s position in the field of future technologies.

3. swiss made software case studies show detail hide detail

Fantastic projects – show them off to the world

  • Professional, fast, and reliable (experienced IT journalists)
  • Distribution through the neutral platform
  • Branded with the swiss made software quality label
  • Posted on
  • Linked to your company profile (Level 2 only)
  • Material also available for your own use (branded PDF, Word documents)


  • Level 1 members: CHF 1,980*
  • Level 2 members: CHF 1,480*


4. online listing show detail hide detail

Level 1 members are listed here with their name and a link to their website (albeit without a logo and company profile: see Level 2, point 1).

5. subscription to swiss it magazine show detail hide detail

All swiss made software members receive a free subscription to Swiss IT Magazine.

level 2 only

1. product and services catalog show detail hide detail

We maintain an online product catalog. All our members can present their products here in an easy-to-use category system. Currently more than 700 different products and services can be found in this catalog.

Three slots are included with the sponsorship. Additional slots are available for an additional charge of CHF 50* per slot.

Each member company also simultaneously receives their own micro-site. This contains a brief company profile, company logo, products and services, as well as news and, if applicable, articles.

2. publishing partnership with swiss it magazine show detail hide detail

Members of swiss made software can take advantage of an exciting publication opportunity. As part of our media partnership with Swiss IT Magazine, swiss made software presents a peek inside the Swiss software scene in every issue. The idea is to show the diversity of software being developed right here in Switzerland and to introduce readers to the major players and their products.

One feature is included per issue. Over the year, there are a total of ten slots available for articles about the Swiss software scene. These can take the form of interviews, company profiles, or product descriptions. These will be written by an experienced IT journalist.

The articles are based on half-hour research interviews, during which swiss made software and the featured company will agree the content of the article. The finished article will be made available for review prior to publication. Overall control over editorial content will however reside with Swiss IT Magazine and swiss made software. The publication fee for an article in Swiss IT Magazine is CHF 1,900*. An example article can be found here (in German).

3. swiss made software – the book show detail hide detail

Our publication series, running since 2011: Each of these books highlights Switzerland as a location for software development, with each one focusing on a particular facet of the industry. These books are intended for interested parties both within and beyond the IT industry. The readership therefore includes many universities as well as members of the Swiss parliament. Our latest publication, swiss made software das kompendium (german only), was released in March 2018. Before that we releases swiss made software - fintech in 2016 which was distributed internationally in German and English.

4. interactive map show detail hide detail

Your company will be shown on our interactive map. This tool can be used to search for companies, products, and services by geographic location.

5. iso certification show detail hide detail

Thanks to a partnership with SGS, Sociéte Générale de Surveillance SA, members can complement the swiss made software label with ISO-25001 certification. The certification helps to underline the swiss made software label as a hard factor that distinguishes the company’s profile from international competitors. We collaborate with SwissQ in Zurich for ISO-25001 certification purposes. Upon request, we will gladly send you a checklist so you can perform an initial self-evaluation.

6. internships and dissertations show detail hide detail

Another feature of the interactive map is that it can display and promote available internship and dissertation placements. If you wish to advertise your interest in applications from young talents, simply activate this feature in your profile and list a dedicated contact address. This feature can be turned off and on as required.

7. partnership with digital switzerland show detail hide detail

swiss made software is a partner of the various ‘finder’ platforms run under the Digital Switzerland initiative (Cloud-, CRM-, and Security-Finder). All Level 2 members are identified as Swiss-made companies. Users can specifically search for ‘swiss made software’.

8. cooperation with jobs board show detail hide detail is an online job board for professionals, managers, and employers in the ICT industry, with positions advertised in IT management, consulting, software development/programming, system engineering/integration, systems architecture, networking technology, security, VOIP technologies, support/IT services, web publishing/design, teaching, and IT-related sales and marketing.

Active Level 2 swiss made software members benefit from two bonuses:

  • A 20% discount (CHF 320* per job posting instead of CHF 380) (direct bookings only)
  • Free advertisement of paid internships on

9. events and collaborative events show detail hide detail

As a level 2 member, you benefit from numerous event discounts. We actively focus on events for developers and C-level executives. Our own events are also free of charge to level 2 members. A list of current collaborations/partnerships can be found here.

10. post news show detail hide detail

You can use your account to post news on the swiss made software website. This is then displayed under the Member News section.

11. foreign currencies available at wholesale rates show detail hide detail

Thanks to a partnership with AMNIS Treasury Services, Level 2 members are now able to exchange foreign currencies at the same wholesale rates enjoyed by large companies. Further, swiss made software members also receive an exclusive discount on top of the normal rate. This means they can save up to 70 percent of the costs on exchange transactions. Details can be found here.

12. the future of the swiss software industry show detail hide detail

The decision to become a member is always a simultaneous investment in the future of the Swiss software industry. In Switzerland right now, software only really attracts attention when something ‘doesn’t work’. With the ICT industry making up 4.4% of the country’s total GDP, this is a situation that needs to change. swiss made software is trying to increase general awareness and respect for the importance of IT. That is also why all our books are distributed to every member of the Swiss parliament, among others. Topics covered have included education and public procurement practices.

* All prices quoted exclusive of VAT.