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Sherpany's Meeting Management Software (SaaS) streamlines the entire meeting process and guides leaders towards productive meetings. The Swiss software allows leaders to plan and prepare their meetings, increase asynchronous collaboration, and speed up decision-making and execution. With over 6000 users, the Zürich based company is the leading European provider in its field. Sherpany has further offices in Berlin, Paris, Milano, Lisbon, and Wroclaw and employs over 100 people.

Herr Mathias Brenner | CPO

Niederdorfstrasse 88
8001 Zürich

Tel +41 44 515 89 50

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Sherpany innovates leadership meetings. The following factors have brought Sherpany in a leading position in the European market:

- Focus on making leadership meetings more productive
- Complete solution for all leadership teams, improving collaboration between board members, executives, and senior leaders
- Self-explaining software platform (on mobiles, tablets, browsers) offering all necessary features to follow meeting best practices
- The solution in the market that saves the most time throughout formal meeting management
- Transformation services helping enterprises to successfully implement the solution at scale
- Top Swiss precision and security – not affected by the US CLOUD Act
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  • Tuesday 03.08.2021

    Schmerzfreie Meetings

    Sherpany hat sich mittlerweile in Grossunternehmen als Lösung für das Meeting-Management im VR und in der Führungsetage etabliert. Dank einer Kapitalspritze hat das Unternehmen jetzt vermehrt Europa im Visier. Christian Walter General Collaboration