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Our aim is to create an end-to-end digital future.
The digital postbox from PEAX automates and simplifies everyday administrative tasks for private individuals and companies in Switzerland. Every day, around 30 employees in Lucerne work to ensure an end-to-end digital future, in line with the motto: “Less paperwork, more living”. For this, we rely on agile, state-of-the-art technology, trusted partners and Swissness.

Frau Andrea Elmer | Co-Leiterin Marketing & Kommunikation

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Make life easier with the digital postbox from PEAX.

Receive mail
You decide from which organisations you wish to receive your mail digitally. Simply activate the relevant mail subscription in the PEAX portal. The organisation will be informed of your wish to receive all future mail via one of the PEAX delivery channels.

Want to receive all mail in the PEAX portal? Then the best solution is to redirect your mail to your PEAX address. You can find out more directly in the portal.

Pay invoices
Invoices are sent directly to your Invoices folder. Since payment details are automatically generated, you can pay your invoices in just a few clicks.

Smart document archiving
Documents and invoices can be tagged and stored easily and securely. The documents are found within seconds, for example for the tax return.
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Receive all your mail digitally and finally enjoy efficient organisation.

To ensure all your organisation's mail lands in the PEAX portal, it would be best to set up mail forwarding to the PEAX address with Swiss Post. Alternatively, you can inform your customers and partners individually that the PEAX address is your new correspondence address. Find out exactly how that works in the portal.

Distributing mail internally
PEAX helps you distribute mail to the relevant people and/or distribution groups. What used to sometimes take days is now taken care of immediately on the day the mail arrives. This ensures that all information is processed efficiently. Mail distribution is included in the Plus, Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.

Pay invoices
If an invoice arrives at the PEAX portal, it is sent directly to your Invoices folder. From there, all you need is a few clicks to pay because all payment data is automatically read out of the invoice and captured.

Documents safe filing
You can assign your documents and invoices appropriate tags and archive them. All data and documents are encrypted before archiving in one of the most state-of-the-art data centres in Switzerland.
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Pension portal for employers and insured persons Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Use of the pension portal is based on the pension fund’s contract with PK Softech for PK/S. Services include:

Employer portal
Policyholder portal
Basic features of PEAX: postbox excluding scanning, payment, archiving
Digital interaction with pension funds and policyholders
The PEAX insurance portal enables employers to communicate securely with pension funds and employees. They can also use the PEAX Postbox as a digital mailbox for the whole company. Daily mail is received digitally before being cleverly distributed and processed.

Viewing policyholder details
Details of employee pension funds can be viewed online in the PEAX pension portal. Quickly, clearly and securely.

Online mutation of master data
Changes can easily be made to master data via the portal. All changes communicated to the pension fund are encrypted.

Online notification of entries and withdrawals
New entries and withdrawals can be logged directly in the portal and thus communicated to the pension fund.

Receiving documents and files
Documents and files relating to the pension fund can be received and securely archived in the PEAX pension portal.

Secure document archiving
All documents archived in PEAX are encrypted and stored in Switzerland. Comprehensive security measures protect against unauthorised access and misuse.
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