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Marisma initiates, implements and accompanies information technology projects in various fields of information technology. We make high demands on ourselves and view the customer as the centre of our activities. Our strength is the development of SOA based web/RCP applications.

Herr Martin Heinrich

Stepackerstrasse 12
8194 Hüntwangen

Tel 0878 878 488

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Contact: Herr Martin Heinrich

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Do you have an autstanding idea for an all-simplistic business app on your mind? Let your thoughts run free. No matter if your aim is to inform, entertain or connect or which platform your prefer. We translate your flash of insight into touchable apps.
Mobiles & Tablets: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile; Backend Services: JEE

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Your business app should also bring people and information together? Of course. Whether data is to be shared wirelessly with business partners, or whether important information should circumnavigate the globe in near real-time. We connect your world with our customized cloud services and developments.
JEE, .Net, Azure

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SIDAC is a data management, acquisition and simulation system. SIDAC stands for the data-based strategic asset controlling of real estate. The main component of SIDAC is the central data management system, which manages all financial and strategic data collected by a property. Thus, in addition to the
(Eg, energy consumption), usage data (e.g., rental income), and data from the administration. These data are in a uniform format,
so that they can be consistently aggregated and visualized later.

The development of SIDAC is carried out in collaboration with Qualicasa AG.
Thin Client for Windows in .Net/WPF; Backend Services: .Net/JEE
in Switzerland