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Intersys is your preferred development partner for custom made software in Switzerland since 1999. Main focus is on integration of complex system environments where requirements are: performance, highest availability, reliability, modularity while keeping cost under control. We build upon latest technologies and use open source software where possible. Our core competencies align with the software development process, ranging from business analysis and specification all the way to 7*24h support across the lifecycle of a software.

We have a broad customer base with telcos, service businesses, trading companies as well as public governments and non-governmental organizations. With our customers, we have long lasting partnerships that are based on mutual trust.

Since 2014 we are an official integration partner of DataStax Ltd. Our no-SQL competencies range from consulting, design and implementation to operations and support. We build your highest available database system.

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upon request
Quality of software is a continuous challenge within organisations. Quite often, it is neglected until very late in the process of implementing new applications, is considered costly and thus does not get the right attention within the organisation. On the other hand, it is proven that organizations lose substantial amounts of money from unprofessional software testing and risk delays in the delivery of new applications due to software bugs that are found too late within the process.
With the proposed Intersys Test Framework, we are addressing these issues. The aim is to setup a continuous testing process and to give the responsible persons a mean of controlling continuously the quality of the organization’s software assets. The framework covers a combination of organizational aspects, tools and processes and enables organizations to be quicker on the market with their software tools. The framework does also address the need to make software quality as cost efficient as possible.
Where possible, we are using open source technologies. Existing systems can be integrated protecting existing investments.
Testing, Application Developments Frameworks, General QA

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Upon request
NoSQL databases are widely used in todays eBusiness worldwide and have proven to be realiable assets in web based business models. They are optimal to deal with large data quickly and reliably. They form the base for big data systems and are equally important for software applications that need to run 7*24 hours with highest possible availability.

Apache Cassandra is an established tool in this space and is widely used within Switzerland. Two versions are available:
- The open source version that can be downloaded from the community website
- The commercial version provided by DataStax Ltd. Under the name of DataStax Enterprise Server (DSE)

Both versions are used by large banks, telecommunication companies and eBusinesses alike.

Intersys has built up the necessary competences to support you in optimally using the Cassandra technologies. Our abilities range from consulting, data modelling, architecture, implementation all the way to operations and mission critical support. We can also provide support in performance tuning.

These skills are provided in projects and consulting services. We welcome your enquiries.
Open Source Apache Cassandra or DataStax Enterprise Server and related tools like SOLR and SPARK.
Business Process Management, Knowledge Management