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inova:solutions AG - your business : our solution

inova:solutions AG is a Swiss based company that has been developing business software for public administration and service organizations for 20 years. The standard software module meets all of the needs of a classic financial information system and is further complemented by modules for planning, business intelligence and interface management. Customized solutions are also available.
inova:time is the proven application developed by inova for the management of working hours and expenses.

Mrs. Manuela Blättler | Marketingspezialistin

Bernstrasse 5
3072 Ostermundigen

Tel +41 31 930 66 66

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on request
inova:finance is the inova business solution for public organizations and service providers. This highly configurable standard solution enables individual customer requirements to be fulfilled with minimal customization overhead.

inova:finance primarily handles the core processes of the accounting and internal service provision systems. The advantages of inova:finance are:

- The complete range of tasks is fully integrated into the application
- High performance and solid reliability
- Powerful Business Intelligence module (Microsoft Power View and Power Pivot)
- The Process Monitor effectively supports the workflow of your organization
Government, Accounting , Human Resources, General Development

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Various organization specific pricing models such as:
- Pool licensing
- Leasing model
With inova:time your employees manage their working time and expenses in an efficient manner – even when on the move. As a supervisor you will gain from the planning reliability. You can model your actual data and then formulate the profitable future for your business.

- Employees maintain an overview and administer their work time and expenses in an uncomplicated way – even when on the go.
- Supervisors have the resource planning under control thanks to comprehensive management information and workflow orientated approval rules.
- The administration of the system requires minimal effort from IT managers. Data is configurable in a time dynamic manner, e.g. with respect to a reorganization.
Time Tracking, Human Resources, Business Process Management

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on request
inova:equalize manages large cash-flows between public administration partners, for example tax receipts, funds for fiscal and burden equalization or welfare funds. Thanks to inova:equalize the management and control process runs largely automatically, displays high performance and is extremely stable.

The advantages of inova:equalize are:
- The complete process is handled without disruption
- The use of automation improves the efficiency and quality of the individual operations
- Stored formulas are editable and release independent
- Audit compliance and data protection
Government, Accounting , Business Process Management / Workflow, Business Process Management, Accounting


  • Monday 07.09.2015

    Budgetplanung ohne Copy & Paste

    Die Kantonspolizei Bern nutzt für ihre Budget- und Finanzplanung inova:plan. Damit bindet sie auch dezentrale Abteilungen in den Budgetprozess ein. Die Daten werden zentral konsolidiert. Über Reports ist der Prozess eins zu eins nachvollziehbar. Irene Rietmann
  • Tuesday 07.07.2015

    Die Sozialhilferechnung vereinfachen

    An der Sozialhilferechnung des Kantons Bern sind etwa 450 Gemeinden und Institutionen beteiligt. Der Prozess ist entsprechend komplex. inova:equalize hat die Abwicklung automatisiert. Der Aufwand ist gesunken, die Datenqualität gestiegen. Irene Rietmann