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Icube's mission is to provide customized digitalization solutions for industrial and craft companies with global performance management of the production tool.
For more than 30 years, Icube has been working with the secondary sector by offering automation, production monitoring applications, after-sales service and production optimization consulting.
Its ambition is to be a major player in the Swiss Industry 4.0, from the installation of sensors to the restitution in KPI, through automation, production data valorization and the edition of efficient business software.

Mr. Frédéric Despont | CEO

Rue de l'industrie 31
1630 BULLE

Tel 026 913 82 72

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Products & Services

Fabricube Software enabled Business show product detailhide product detail

The ultra-flexible production monitoring application adapted to your business, which facilitates your organization.

It contains:

Production monitoring:
– Creation of personalized production sheets

– Automatic or manual entry of production data in the manufacturing sheet as well as all the information necessary for traceability.

Planning and Scheduling:
– Production planning

– Planning of maintenance, cleaning and servicing

– Task planning, execution and control

Production management:
– Stock management (stocks automatically consumed according to your production)

– Customer database management

– Registration of cleaning product certifications

– Follow-up of the control of measuring devices

– Management of non-conformities (quality)

– Registration of working hours and vacation planning, request for leave.

– Follow-up of safety training at work (equipment audit + electronic signature of each employee)

available in Switzerland

EVA Software enabled Business show product detailhide product detail

POC starts from 3000CHF
Thanks to our production monitoring application, optimize and control your installation as closely as possible.

EVA features
– Acquisition and compression from PLC, building, sensor, IIoT data

– More than 20 types of connectors to cover machine and sensor communication standards

– Graphical representation of the data evolution over time

– Definitions of alarms and notification rules (email, sms, …)

– Highly flexible event trigger mechanics

– Visualisation of mimic diagrams of your machine/sensor park

– Data annotation

– Provision of data for analysis by external software (ERP, predictive maintenance algorithms, …)

– Management of enriched data (images, files)

– Possibility of hardware redundancy for critical applications

– Data archiving for traceability purposes

– Management of roles and access rights

– PC/tablet/smartphone compatible

– Data export

– Multi-languages

– Turnkey installation

– Support 7 days a week

– Customisation and tailor-made developments

– Pure Cloud architecture (hosted in Switzerland or Europe) or On-Premise (on your servers)

– You remain the owner of your data. We comply with the GDPR legislation (GDPR).
IoT MQTT I/O Link OPC-UA Modbus
available in Switzerland

Outsourced development Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

A team of engineers to build your software and boost your connectivity.

Responding to our clients’ challenges:

- Elimination of repetitive tasks through software automation and test automation.
- Helps eliminate paper with simple and intuitive data collection software
- Supporting employee mobility with secure cloud and mobile tools
- Implementation of a dashboard for production follow-up
- Development of a complete business application
- Connection between your machines and your software thanks to our IoT pack or by the development of a specific software brick
- Connection between your existing software through automated data gateways
- Retrofit your aging software (macro excel, …) to more modern technologies while increasing maintainability and user experience.
Java Python
available in Switzerland