Ergon Informatik AG

Ergon Informatik AG is a leading developer of bespoke software solutions and software products in Switzerland. We employ highly qualified IT specialists who are committed to creating value for the client, anticipating technological trends and designing solutions that generate competitive advantage.

Our 270-strong company was founded in 1984. In 2015, Ergon came in second place at the «Swiss Employer Awards»; in 2014 Ergon ranked second on the list of «best employers in Switzerland»; in 2012, our firm received both the «ICT Education and Training Award» and the «Swiss Employer Award»; and in 2008 we became the first company to win the «Swiss ICT Champion Award».

Merkurstrasse 43
8032 Zürich

Tel 044 268 89 00

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Contact: Ms Miriam Di Chiara


Airlock Suite Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Airlock Suite deals with the issues of filtering and authentication in one complete and coordinated solution – setting standards for usability and services. Your internet applications enjoy reliable protection with the Airlock Web Application Firewall (WAF). Features include systematic control and filtering mechanisms with a variety of enhancement options.
Combine Airlock WAF with Airlock Login for reliable user authentication and authorization. But optimal security is not the only benefit: Airlock Login also delivers high usability and cost efficiency.
Airlock IAM is the suite's central authentication platform, including enterprise functions. With this product, customers, partners or employees log in just once for secure access to data and applications. Airlock IAM also automates user administration.
Airlock protects more than 15.000 applications, 15 million identities at more 400 customers with a net promotor score of +53. The security Suite was launched on the market in 2002.
Advantages of Airlock:
– Central access point
– Reduction of costs
– Faster compliance
– Shorter time to market
– Secure mobile synchronisation
– Increased availability
– Software appliance
Application Security, Firewall, IT Security Check

Tango Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Tango is a service fulfilment and billing solution for telecommunications and IT service providers. Tango is based on industry standards – the TM Forum's Information Framework (SID) and the Business Process Framework (eTOM) – and includes:

- a central product catalogue (Product Management)
- web-based order entry (Order Entry)
- overall customer and order management (Order Management)
- the entire billing process (Billing)
- electronic presentation and analysis of bills and cost management (Cost Manager)
Business Process Management / Workflow, Product Lifecycle Management

Zebra Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

Zebra is a state-of-the-art system for personnel planning, time recording and access management. It is used in the retail, catering, production, logistics and administration sectors.

- Zebra is a focused solution, which is adapted precisely to the company's time management processes.
- Zebra automates processes, reduces costs and improves the quality of time management.
- Zebra can be integrated smoothly into the existing ERP system environment.
- Zebra compares the personnel costs with the budgeted revenue as early as the planning stage, thereby increasing the company's cost-efficiency.
Human Resources, Time Tracking


  • Monday 12.05.2014

    Saving energy with IT

    Intelligent networked valves ensure dramatically lower energy costs for climate control in large buildings. The IT experts at Ergon made an important contribution to turning an idea from the engineers at Belimo into a successful product.