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In one sentence, we will say who we are and what we do: “Fast and elegant solutions” is our motto. After all, software development has been our core business and our passion since 1983 – always with the goal of developing optimally designed solutions for our customers and providing our customers with comprehensive support across the entire lifecycle of a software solution: requirements engineering, UX design, project and test management, IT architecture, software development, implementation and maintenance.

Unterdorfstrasse 5
3072 Ostermundigen

Tel +41 31 930 10 70

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Contact: Herr Elmar Isler
Tel 031 930 10 74

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From Enterprise to Office solutions – get elegant solutions quickly.
No matter whether you require a company-wide solution, a small business app for a team, a small Office solution for three users or a mobile app – we are the right partner for you. We will listen to you and consider together with you how the software solution needs to work in order for you to work with it efficiently and enthusiastically. And we think towards the future with our use of scalable architectures.
Let us know your requirements – we have your solution.
C# .NET, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Access, Office, Java, iOS, Android

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UX design, requirements engineering, project management, test management and other disciplines are necessary for the successful implementation of IT projects. Our specialists are happy to work with you on site and provide their experience and knowledge if you are experiencing a personnel or knowledge-related bottleneck.
Design Thinking, Ideation, Prototyping, Design Sprints

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Information and data are the heart of every company. Special attention therefore needs to be paid to the infrastructure behind the company data – system failures and data losses have to be avoided at all costs. We will support you in this.
Oracle DBMS, MS SQLServer


  • Monday 08.10.2018

    Die Energiewende lebt von der Digitalisierung

    Nach Fukushima erreichte die Diskussion um nachhaltige Energie eine weite Bevölkerung. In der Schweiz kulminierte dieser Prozess in der Annahme des Energiegesetzes von 2017. Jetzt ist Raum im Markt für smarte IT­-Lösungen. Christian Walter General Cloud (as-a-Service)
  • Monday 13.07.2015

    Finanzaufsicht als Selbstläufer

    Verschiedene Aufsichtsorgane überwachen Banken und Versicherungen. Durch Software wird der administrative Aufwand im Kundenverkehr stark reduziert und die Datenqualität erhöht. Christian Walter General Cloud (as-a-Service)