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    SYMBIO App: Products are presented in a modern and convincing manner in pitches with your customers. All product information (descriptions, prices, conditions, data sheets, catalog pages, etc.) are shown in the app and can be ordered instantly. Platform: With the community function, products from partners may be integrated into your own portfolio at the push of a button. This expands the company's own range and enables the end customer to have a “one-stop shopping” experience. The final customer cannot tell whether their own portfolio or a partner portfolio is being offered. Products from a partner company can also be sold, which creates new sales channels for all companies joining the community.
    We feel the pulse of the times and therefore rely on modern technologies. We operate our SaaS (Software as a Service) services on highly available Kubernetes clusters based on microservice architectures. Our team of software engineers and other experts will work with you to determine the use of the appropriate technology for the respective application. From Java to Typescript, from Linux to OSx, Elasticsearch or mobile development, that's how we understand technology.
    General E-Commerce, General Sales, Warehouse Management (WMS)
    symbionet AG