swiss made software in english

Monday 05.02.2024

Our website is now also available in French. Last December we translated the site - front and back end. From now on, not only can all information about our three labels (swiss made software, swiss digital services, swiss hosting) be obtained in three languages (German, English, French), but all company descriptions and offers of products and services can also be posted accordingly.

The latter is particularly relevant for our level 2 members from French-speaking Switzerland and for companies with customers in French-speaking countries. They can now also be addressed in their native language or referred to all our relevant information on the topic of Swiss Made in French.

Previously, this content was displayed in two languages, German and English, which was mandatory for all Level 2 companies. Now the basic requirement is one national language plus English. If you like, you can of course use a second national language.

You can also change the language in the backend to the desired language using the profile button in the top right-hand corner. Then log out and log in again.

We will be introducing further upgrades in the coming weeks and months.

what you should do

As a level 2 member with business in French-speaking countries, you should add information in French to your profile (company description as well as products and services).

In the backend, select the language in the bottom left-hand corner of the dialog boxes for company and products and then enter the information.

Then click once on the "Click to approve changes" button. This tells us that you want to publish a change. After a check by us, this is normally done within 24 hours.