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Dataspace Switzerland - "swiss hosting" means data sovereignty

Thursday 24.06.2021, online, 15:30 - 17:45

More and more data is moving to the cloud - but what does that mean? Where is the cloud and who is in charge there? 

With "swiss hosting" we provide a clear answer to these central questions: The data remains in Switzerland, as does the control over it. The Dataspace Switzerland event shows why "swiss hosting" makes the legal difference and presents domestic alternatives to foreign big tech offerings. Afterwards, we will talk about the digital future of Switzerland and the importance of data sovereignty for economic development.

We would like to thank our partners aspectra, Flow Swiss, Hostpoint, hosttech, JMC Software, Ops Onestepping stone and VSHN.


15:30 Presentations:

  • Christian Walter (Managing Partner swiss made software): Introduction - swiss hosting means data sovereignty
  • Matthias Wintsch (Editor Swiss IT Media): Switzerland in the clouds - cloud infrastructure situation Switzerland
  • Cyrill Fässler (Technical Consultant hosttech): Virtual Datacenter - the self-service cloud deep in the rock
  • Tanja Rohark (CEO Digital Chameleon): Regulatory challenges of cloud solution
  • Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri (Lawyer, Prof. University of Zurich): The legal aspects of swiss hosting

16:30 Uhr Breakout Sessions - Q&A with the audience

  • room 1: technology & compliance
  • room 2: law & Politics

(The audience is divided in half between the two rooms. After 20 minutes, the room is changed. Thus, each participant has about 20 minutes in both rooms)

17:10 Uhr Discussion: Data sovereignty as a business perspective

  • Gerhard Andrey (National Councillor GREENS)
  • Werner Böing (Expert in the field of digital transformations)
  • Prof. Dr. Simon Schlauri (Lawyer, Prof. University of Zurich)
  • Tanja Rohark (CEO Digital Chameleon)

Speakers and panelists

Gerhard Andrey is a trained carpenter, wood engineer HTL and postgraduate computer scientist. Andrey is co-founder of the digital agency Liip, with 188 employees at six locations in Switzerland. Among other things, he is a member of the board of directors at Alternative Bank Schweiz. Since 2019, Andrey has been a member of the National Council of the Green Party of Fribourg and is politically committed in particular to more sovereignty in the digital space.

Werner Böing is an expert in the field of digital transformations with a focus on digital healthcare and data-driven business models. He was CIO and board member at Roche Diagnostics and before that worked in the consumer goods and automotive sectors. He is currently founding a company in Switzerland.

For over 5 years, Cyrill Fässler has been helping customers migrate their data to the hosttech Cloud as a Cloud Guru at hosttech. As an expert in this field, he is very familiar with the problems & requirements and has already paved the way to the cloud for many a customer.

Tanja Rohark founded her own company Digital Chameleon GmbH after years in various global corporate positions and projects in the regulated life science and healthcare sector. The company specializes in integrated management systems and their digitalization in the regulated life science environment and pursues the vision of revolutionizing the quality and IT sector with innovative services and new technologies.

Simon Schlauri combines rich experience from the IT and telecom industry and in-depth technical know-how with an academic background, in particular a titular professorship at the University of Zurich. His focus is on network industry regulation and IT law, especially in the areas of data protection, e-commerce and payment systems, as well as contract, consumer, competition and copyright law.

Matthias Wintsch has been working as an editor at Swiss IT Media, publisher of the two Swiss IT industry magazines Swiss IT Magazine and Swiss IT Reseller, since 2018. Matthias Wintsch holds a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design and brings several years of professional experience in the Swiss business IT market from the areas of marketing, sales and project coordination.

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