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launch of the swiss hosting quality seal

Wednesday 26.08.2020

GDPR, Privacy Shield and Cloud Act: Not an easy landscape to navigate. The new swiss hosting label provides clarity and guarantees that data does not leave Switzerland. This allows companies whose business depends on the secure handling of sensitive data to offer customers their services with maximum integrity.

The move to the cloud together with the introduction of the GDPR clearly showed the increasing importance of the location of data storage. It therefore made sense to create a quality seal in the tradition of swiss made.

However, the location of storage alone is not the only critical factor; Swiss companies must store their data in Swiss hands and according to Swiss law. Subsidiaries of foreign companies as well as Swiss companies held by foreign entities are not eligible.

swiss hosting is the rebranding of hosted in switzerland, which was introduced at the end of 2018. This label quickly became very popular – initially for software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings that are hosted in switzerland. Within a short time, more than 100 companies decided to use the new variant, and swiss made software received extremely positive feedback. This feedback also included the request to offer hosted in switzerland as a separate label.

This step now follows: swiss hosting was evolved from the swiss made software label and is offered exclusively to members of swiss made software. swiss hosting is aimed at Swiss SaaS providers and hosting companies. A broad range of Swiss hosting and cloud providers, whose voices are included below, have been involved from the outset.

As the cloud is still a very young concept, there has been no point of reference to define “Swissness” in this area up to now. swiss hosting was thus developed with the aim of creating a seal of quality comparable to swiss made. To guarantee the integrity of this statement, we developed a special contract in close consultation with the label holders. The contract also includes contractual penalties in the event of abuse, which was a clearly demand from the members.

swiss hosting can optionally be used in combination with swiss made software. However, the companies must declare the intended use and agree to the relevant conditions.

In the age of data scandals, GDPR, Privacy Shield and other cryptic legal requirements, swiss hosting provides clarity. This is also confirmed by lawyer Simon Schlauri, who was involved in the development of the contract: “With swiss hosting, you don’t have to worry that foreign companies can provide your data to their governments.”

At its core, this is all about a clear promise: your data stays in Switzerland!

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swiss hosting providers in their own words

swiss hosting shares our values: specifically, to ensure that our customers’ data is processed exclusively in Switzerland. It’s only natural that we would take part!
    Florian Blaser, CEO, AlpHosting - TiZoo Gmbh

swiss hosting guarantees a secure base in an economically and politically stable and neutral country, with efficient infrastructure and capable, reliable partners.
    Norbert Benz, COO, aspectra AG

Why swiss hosting? So you no longer need to ask that question!!
    Stefan Soltermann, CEO, Bar Informatik

Bedag Informatik AG is on board with swiss hosting to show Switzerland on the outside to match the fact it’s all Switzerland on the inside.
    Fred Wenger, CEO, Bedag Informatik AG

At, it’s not just your data that remains in Switzerland. The company behind it and the actual operations are also based right here. swiss hosting provides a label to perfectly describe this close proximity.
    Manuel Schweizer, CEO,

swiss hosting is a great match for us, because it guarantees that all data is located in the same place as our customers: in Switzerland.
    David Burkardt, founder & CEO, Cyon

Switzerland being the location where data is stored is increasingly becoming a deciding criterion for many companies. We believe the new swiss hosting label fills a significant gap in the market for useful quality seals.
    Claudius Röllin, co-founder & CPO, Hostpoint

We are a member of swiss hosting because we want to further increase the strength of our underground server location, DATAROCK, with this label.
    Marius Meuwly, CEO, hosttech GmbH

For us, swiss hosting means more than just better security and confidentiality. It’s about choosing an accessible and trusted partner that is making a long-term contribution to the local economy.    
    Marc Oehler, COO, Infomaniak

swiss hosting is fantastic, because it simply underlines what we have always been: a Swiss hosting company, through and through.
    Tillia Schnarwiler, COO, METANET AG

What has long been known when it comes to food also applies to cloud services: the best products are local. To me, offering swiss hosting as a cloud provider is a quality standard and it is our contribution to the protection of personal and corporate data. 
    Mathias Seiler, Head of Cloud Services, MiroNet AG

We choose to be part of swiss hosting, because we nine cloud navigators care deeply about our customers’ needs for proximity, legal security and reliability.
    Thomas Hug, Founder, Nine Internet Solutions AG

We like the swiss hosting label, because, in addition to our ISO 27001 certificate, it gives our customers an added guarantee that we take data security and data protection seriously.
    Marc Bigler, CEO, GmbH

The swiss hosting reflects our desire to offer professional solutions that put data protection, security, and Swiss quality at the fore.
    Michael Eichenberger, CEO, stepping stone AG

swiss hosting is a valuable label for us. It provides transparency regarding who is physically storing their data in this country, while also revealing who is legally under Swiss jurisdiction. This gives clients peace of mind when choosing their data processors and hosting/cloud providers. The platform providers must audit the providers, and that is exactly what we expect!
    Alain Martinet, COO, webstyle GmbH

The highest data protection standards, maximum cyber security, and a local partner that is familiar with the requirements Swiss companies have in terms of IT infrastructure: “Swissness” is now recognized as a mark of quality in the world of hosting and infrastructure as a service – and rightly so!
    Michael Dudli, CEO, Xelon