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Annual review 2017 - 500+

Friday 02.03.2018

We are pleased to present the 2017 Annual Review. Last year was more than successful: the events listed below speak for themselves. We want to build on this in 2018, and at the same time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members and partners for your loyalty over the past year. None of our activities would be possible without this support.

All the best and here’s to a successful 2018.
The swiss made software team

Annaul Review 2017 - +500

swiss made software crossed another milestone in 2017: More than 500 companies now carry the ‘swiss made software’ label, and more than 660 different products and services are listed at www.swissmadesoftware.org. This represents around 10000 core ICT employees all over Switzerland.

Milestone: 500+ companies

Level 1 status ceased to be free of charge as of January 1, 2016. The reasons behind the decision were explained in detail. The interesting question was how many companies would take advantage of the new offering. Right now, there are more than 240 – a figure that has far exceeded our expectations. At the same time, the number of Level 2 members has increased to 265.

swiss made cases newsletter

At the end of 2016 we asked our members how satisfied they were with the label and about their needs. Our members expressed a clear desire for a regular digital channel. We have responded to this with the swiss made cases. This six-monthly newsletter was published in summer and winter last year, around the themes of Industry 4.0+ Digitalization and Security. This module will be continued in 2018, with a break for our anniversary publication in the first half of the year (details below). 


  • Third export event in collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise in September. The presentations can be found on our YouTube channel (in German).
  • IAMCP Future Trends ICT: Artificial intelligence in September.
  • We have been able to grant our members lower-cost access to a range of events through our numerous partnerships, including Inside Channels Forum, Swiss Python Summit, Voxxed Days, Upfront Thinking, re.formation, Focus on Future, BaselOne, Jazoon, and Product Management Festival.

In the media

Foreign currencies at wholesale rates – partnership with AMNIS Treasury Services

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary in 2018, we are pleased to present our members with a new offering: foreign currencies at wholesale rates.

Thanks to a partnership with AMNIS Treasury Services, Level 2 members are now able to exchange foreign currencies at the same wholesale rates enjoyed by large companies. Further, swiss made software members also receive an exclusive discount on the normal rate. This means they can save up to 70 percent of the costs on exchange transactions. Details can be found here.

2018: swiss made software is ten years old

We will present a mix of digital and printed publications on the occasion of our tenth anniversary – the swiss made software compendium. In 2018 we want to give the Swiss software industry a platform where they can showcase their excellence. The project has been very well received and will be published in spring 2018. Details can be found here.