swiss developer survey 2020

swiss developer survey

The swiss developer survey  is designed to assess the current trends, attitudes and general observations among the Swiss software engineering community.

We hope to generate results that will serve as Switzerland's tech barometer.

All software developers working for Swiss companies either within or outside Switzerland are warmly invited to participate, regardless of nationality.

swiss developer survey 2020 + covid-19 impact

Particiapte now! The survey ran till October 16 (originall September 30, but the voices keep coming :) ) and ist now closed.

Thank you to all 1029 participants! Results in December.

access to results

Results of the survey will be later published in a report. Participants who have provided their email address will be automatically notified of its publication.

>results 2019

random prize draw

The following prizes were raffled off among every participant who provided their email address:

  • Three current Apple iPad 9.70" or Android equivalent
  • Ten Swiss dev alliance logo hoodies in black or white

>winners 2019

your data

The data will be anonymized and used exclusively by swiss made software to generate a number of different reports and statistics. The results of the survey will be shared free of charge. The survey data on which these reports and statistics are based will never be sold or shared with third parties. The application used to run this survey is operating on servers located in Switzerland, in full compliance with relevant Swiss and European data protection legislation (GDPR). See our detailed privacy policy below.