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Safe Swiss Cloud AG

Safe Swiss Cloud is specialised in Cloud Computing and IT Security Services. It is the leading provider of IT infrastructure outsourcing and hosting for companies, who have high standards of privacy and strict compliance requirements.

Its cloud computing services are characterised by high performance, enterprise grade reliability and the flexibility to create servers and networks "on demand".

The modular IT security services allow customers to strengthen their defences against ransomware and malware.

All services are backed by 7x24 support, which allows customers to speak to an engineer who is familiar with their setup, when they need assistance.

Customers include banks, software companies, MSP/IT service providers, fintech, large corporates and healthcare companies.

Mr. Gerald Dürr | Director, Business Development

Güterstrasse 115
4053 Basel

Tel +41 61 564 1111

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Safe Swiss Cloud is a leading provider of secure cloud computing infrastructure, hosted in its own data centres and backed by 7x24 support.

Our cloud products are characterised by reliability, performance and privacy as well as technical and commercial flexibility. The reliability is a result of our philosophy of having as much redundancy as possible: in servers, SSD storage, networks, networking equipment, electricity supply, cooling etc.

Customer can choose from cloud computing technologies like Kubernetes, Openstack and VMware. They can manage their own systems, use backup services & storage and monitoring services from Safe Swiss Cloud.

Commercial flexibility: choose between short term ("pay as you go") or long term contracts.

Safe Swiss Cloud's meets the highest security standards and has ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certifications. It is also compliant with GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and the IT outsourcing guidelines of the financial regulators of Switzerland (FINMA) and Germany (BAFIN).
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Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Online Backup/Cloud Backup, Dedicated Private Clouds, Container Platforms,

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Safe Swiss Cloud’s security products mitigate risk from ransomware and protect servers, networks, workstations, email and active directory. They help to continuously improve IT security and strengthen defences against malware and ransomware.

The security products and services portfolio includes:

1. Ransomware Recovery: Recover your IT environments from independent backups at Safe Swiss Cloud in case of an attack.

2. SIEM – Network Detection & Response: Analyse the big picture on your network devices and servers, to detect suspicious anomalies with our SIEM system.
3. Active Directory Auditing: Get warnings for unauthorised changes; alerts and audit reports for your active directory.
4. End Point Security: Protection from malware, ransomware and viruses for your servers, workstations and other devices.
5. Email Security: Protect your Email: prevent it from being a channel for malware and ransomware to enter your organisation.
6. Firewalls & Intrusion Prevention: Perimeter protection to prevent unauthorised access, intrusion detection & web application firewall.

All products and services are available for on premise IT as well as for cloud computing IT infrastructure.
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General Security, Anti Virus, Network Security, Firewall, IT Security Check