PLAIN IT, based in Thun, has stood for excellence in service management for more than 15 years. The trend in service management is to increasingly use the experience, tools, methods and frameworks from IT in other areas of the company for rapid digitization. This also places new demands on tools such as SERVALX. Among all the tools built by IT for IT, PLAIN IT saw none that would comprehensively meet the coming requirements. So the idea was born to develop our own service management tool in Switzerland with SERVALX. So awarding SERVALX with the swiss made software label was only the logical consequence.

Herr Michel Stucki | Head of Marketing and Sales

Militärstrasse 5
3600 Thun

Mobile +41796280912

About the label

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Contact: Herr Thomas Spring
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Enterpriced product, which is heavily priced by number of employees and service center.
monatlicher Release
State-of-the-art service management tool that can be quickly implemented using Lean Start-up. The more than 100 standard services can be directly prototyped in real time and adapted in operation without interruption. This is possible thanks to the specially developed workflow engine and the dynamic form generators. With this extended low-code approach, department employees can also make adjustments themselves, independent of IT resources and release cycles. The UX also sets new standards, which is central for acceptance in the business departments. If you would like to convince yourself of these or any other advantages, please contact us at any time for a demo.
Low-Code Plattform Mendix
available in Switzerland
Knowledge Management, Business Process Management / Workflow, Business Process Management