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Octeris creates value - through methods and technology.

At Octeris, we are generalists specialized in analyzing complex situations and thinking out of the box to find surprisingly simple solutions. We shape new processes or solutions, optimize organizations and incentive models and assess or challenge existing solutions.

When we solve the same problem for different customers or help the same customer address similar challenges in different areas, we look for ways to automate a process - to create repeatability and scalability. We take our proven methods and turn them into high quality software that excites its users.

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KnackSuite - Talent Selection, Tracking & Engagement Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

KnackSuite integrates candidate selection, tracking, and engagement.

KnackSuite removes bias from the selection process, making sure you don't rule out the perfect candidate before you even get to meet them.

It's imperative that while you find out whether a candidate is a match, their attraction to your company grows. Don't make them wait. Make them feel part of the team already!
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Technical Due Diligence Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

Are you planning to acquire a company or carve out a product? Make sure you understand their technology. And be sure it works to your business.

We have built multiple software products and have optimized our methods and enhanced our processes. We know what matters when it comes to extensibility and maintainability of software. And we have an excellent understanding of what makes teams efficient and effective.

When we do a technical due diligence of a company or team, we don't solely look at whether they are using suitable technology to create the solutions they are producing, we evaluate software architecture and design, look at component licenses, assess scalability and automation. We also look at the production and support processes (where applicable) and assess technical debt.

Digital Transformation Services & Consulting show product detailhide product detail

Have your shareholders demanded your business become digital yet? Now imagine instead of simply doing what thousands of others in your business domain have already done, you manage to reinvent the business. To change the way things are done. To excite your customers. Wouldn't that be great?

We can help you come up with new business models leveraging information technology, and automate processes. And together, we can take digitalization one step further. Let's transform your business!