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Digital Innovation is changing the world and improves the lives of people across the globe.

mimacom is the first choice for companies that want to reach existing and new customers through software solutions and leverage innovative open source technology to accelerate business growth and success in the digital era.

More than 300 specialists create solutions such as digital platforms, cloud systems, cloud native apps, data engineering, digital process management and mobile apps.

At 14 customer centers across North America, Europe and Asia, mimacom serves global and local businesses of all types and sizes in the banking, insurance, medical technology, pharma and manufacturing industry.

Seilerstrasse 8
3007 Bern

Tel +41 31 329 09 00

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mimacom path is a solution package that covers the entire application lifecycle management: from requirements engineering through agile project
execution to service management.
mimacom path is a service provision product consisting of four modules – methods, toolchain, technology and services. These modules combine leading open source products and services relating to software development, which can be applied independently and in any combination required.
Collaboration Portals, Business Process Management, Java, Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)