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IBITECH AG develops software solutions and provides IT services. Since 2001 we have been successful in this environment and our clients know us as a competent and reliable partner. Our mission is to be a genuine service provider for our clients.

In the Software Services business area, we develop our own standard software solutions for tasks in different industries and market them world-wide. In the area for Recording Services for hospitals, we hold a leading position in the market.

In the IT Services business area, we offer professional IT services as well as customised cloud service solutions, and we are specialists in development and operation of complex IT structures focussing on the Microsoft OS.

Herr Dominik Lonati | senior sales manager

Jurastr. 2
4142 M√ľnchenstein

Tel +41 (61) 465 75 38

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Not available in english because the software is only offered for the market Switzerland and here in the german speaking area.
General Administrative , Healthcare,

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Enable your IT-Service Desk to inform users simply, quickly, and perfectly in case of any IT problem. Inform only the affected users in a pinpointed way about incidents or maintenance. Circular e-mails using the "watering can principle" are a thing of the past with IBI-aws. The primary goal is to send information directly to the screen of the affected user.

Provide information over an independent system, which you can still use to inform users even when other systems such as phone, e-mail, intranet, etc. are not available.

Many administrators still know and are familiar with the Windows command "net send". The receipt of such messages, however, is dependent on framework conditions, the information capabilities are very limited and it is no longer available in new operating systems.

IBI-aws is here to help. It provides the simplicity of "net send" but offers a multitude of options.
Unified Communications, General Infrastructure, General Security