heyPatient AG

heyPatient is a mobile health solution for the digital interaction of service providers and their patients.

The solution is seamlessly integrated into existing healthcare software and offers a patient-centered app that acts as a digital health companion, organizing appointments and keeping everything important at hand at all times. The "heyFamily" function enables the joint organization of appointments within the family.

The app is available free of charge in the stores. Modules are available for POLYPOINT Services, KISIM and Microsoft Navision DynamicMED and can be activated in a few days.

The data is securely stored in the Azure Swiss Cloud, data transfer is encrypted.

Frau Regula Spuehler | COO

Toesstalstrasse 234
8405 Winterthur

Tel +41 44 586 02 01
Mobile +41 79 228 60 54

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Contact: Frau Spühler Regula
Tel +41 44 586 02 01


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on request (team@heypatient.com)
heyPatient AG offers mobile Health as a Service.

Service providers use our solution to interact with their patients directly from their internal system to the heyPatient App and vice versa. Onboarding takes just a few days.

- Digital registration
- Digital appointments
- Provision of appointment-related additional information
- Provision of forms/questionnaires (e.g. COVID-19, anamnesis)
- cashless payment, e.g. for room upgrades

heyPatient is consistently digital, mobile and secure. For the healthcare system of the future.

The app acts as a digital health companion, organizing appointments and much more - before, during and after a hospital stay. With "heyFamily" the care network is integrated.

Our solution is provider-neutral and seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

Because from the patient's point of view, a medical history begins long before the patient enters hospital. Our app keeps the corresponding appointments, documents and data available at all times in a patient-centered and secure manner.

*System providers as of October 2020: Microsoft Navision DynamicMED, POLYPOINT Services, KISIM. More to come.
App: React Native with Typescript, App-Authentification with SwissID, communication based on HL7 FHIR
in Switzerland
Process Management, Healthcare, Data Management

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free of charge available in the stores
The heyPatient App is your digital health companion:

It organizes your healthcare appointments and keeps everything information at hand. With "heyFamily" you share the appointment view with your loved ones. The app is available in 12 languages.

Security and privacy:
For the secure login we use the SwissID. Data storage is in Switzerland. Data transfer is encrypted.

Who sees my data?
You decide that. With "heyFamily" you authorize persons to see your appointments. If you connect with a health care provider for digital registration and digital appointment reception, the app will indicate the data you share.

App: React Native with Typescript, App-authentication with SwissID
in Switzerland


  • Tuesday 01.06.2021

    Papierlos ins Spital

    Heypatient will über die Digitalisierung der Kommunikation im Gesundheitswesen mehr Zeit für den Patienten und seine Behandlung ermöglichen. Christian Walter Healthcare