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The geographical information and decision-making system (GINES) helps decision-makers to make sustainable decisions about the future. For this purpose, it identifies all spatial and temporal relationships, analyzes them and makes them available as visualizations. During the analysis, GINES takes into account all existing sustainability factors and information, constantly records them and makes them available on a daily basis. Systemic networking allows cross-departmental communication and cooperation: It connects all relevant actors. Intuitively integrated into administrative processes, GINES thus becomes an integral decision-making, management and information tool. The software supports all monitoring and controlling processes for profound decisions.

Herr Hanno Rahn | Geschäftsführer

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Contact: Herr Hanno Rahn
Tel +41 (0)44 515352 5


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flexible price model thanks to modular design:
We offer GINES in a modular version and license model.
The monthly costs consist of a basic fee
plus a fee for each module you want.
The GINES platform analyzes, compares and statistically evaluates indicators and their time series. GINES is not the only thing to do in the field of spatial observation. GINES also offers in-depth planning and leadership support on other topics, as well as evaluating objectives and reviewing measures taken.

GINES is modular and available by license. Here, seven effective software modules can be selected. For example, the module "User Administration" is available for the administration of your users. Here, specific user rights can be distributed to individual profiles or user groups. Even specific indicators can be individually protected - depending on which access rights are assigned.

This enables a high degree of flexibility, a high time saving and a high safety standard - for all process participants alike. The module "Translations" guarantees multilingual application and administration as well as direct translations of terms in the system. Even external translators can be integrated into the system - without access to the entire system. This ensures the security of sensitive data and effectively saves time.
current web technologies like HTML5
in Switzerland
General Assessment, Business Intelligence, Reporting, Online Collaboration, Business Process Management