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Futurae empowers companies to deploy state of the art IT security while improving the customer journey. Through user friendly solutions, businesses can increase their customers’ satisfaction while gaining confidence in their ability to protect sensitive user data.

Users choose weak passwords and reuse the same passwords for various applications. Futurae offers Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for securing sensitive end-user data of every organization. Futurae offers a high level of security and improves the customer journey while making the integration fast and cost-effective for companies.


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When the user is logging into an online application, SoundProof automatically records 3 seconds of ambient sound from two devices (e.g. mobile and desktop) and compares them. SoundProof compares the two audio sequences with an AI machine learning algorithm and signs off the authentication of the end user in about 5 seconds while preserving user’s privacy. This two-factor-authentication (2FA) mechanism can be used for any online application that stores sensitive user data (such as e-banking, CRM, e-health, insurance, file storage, home automation, and e-commerce). This solution is innovative as it does not require user interaction with the mobile phone: the phone can stay in the user’s pocket or purse. Futurae offers an entire portfolio of 2FA solutions to protect sensitive user data through user-friendly authentication. However, SoundProof is recommended as the best trade-off in terms of security and improved customer journey.

Advantages of SoundProof:
- High level of Security
- Fast Authentication
- Improved Customer Experience
- Ultrasound to improve reliability
- Easy integration into existing IT security architecture
- Competitive pricing model
- Scalability
- Cloud or on-premise solution
- Respects privacy of end user
Objective-C, Java, C, Golang, Cassandra, JavaScript, WebRTC
General Security, General Financial, General E-Commerce, General Healthcare, General Content Management


  • Friday 24.11.2017

    Sicherheit klingt gut

    Viele Nutzer verzichten zu Gunsten von Bequemlichkeit auf angebotene Security-Lösungen. Futurae versucht einen neuen Ansatz: Sicherheit durch den Vergleich von Umgebungsgeräuschen. Christian Walter General Security