Euronovate is a leader in Digital Transformation and Trust Services. Its mission is to provide businesses with the tools for Digitalization, streamlining and future-proofing all business processes through an innovative end-to-end approach.

The broad product portfolio comprehends a combination of proprietary software, hardware for Digital Onboarding, Electronic Signatures, Trust Services, and a set of Customized solutions focused on the specific requirements to fulfil the necessities of each market in an all-in-one experience, with no third parties.

Mr. Fabio Di Pietro | CEO

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wSign Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

wSign is the absolute e-signature platform which allows users to upload, sign, download, and share documents with others to get them signed easily and quickly. It is available as a cloud service, also facilitating integration with the customer's internal systems or on-premise installation.
It streamlines and coordinates signature operations and workflows, through an intuitive user experience with total protection of the user’s identity and data, allowing the signature from anywhere and any device with legal validity as is eIDAS compliant.
The eSignature platform allows an easy management of single documents, dossiers, or multi-document to optimise the signature process and can be personalised with any corporate visual identity.
wSign consents an efficient notification management system, which is able to keep email alerts under control , avoiding a huge amount of emails.

wSign serves all industries and services, providing an easy way to get all documents signed and approved with full legal security.

- Sustainable
- Compliant
- Secure
- Usable
Digital Signature

ENSOFT Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

ENSOFT is a desktop application that enables companies to manage the user experience of the signature process on signature pads that are able to retrieve the biometric data of the customer’s signature.

The solution is developed with a modular pattern based on plugins, providing the possibility to customize and configure the application to cover different business needs.

The software provides an agile user experience making it possible to personalize the interface and the signing field within documents with a corporate visual identity.
ENSOFT has built-in workflows that allow the management of multiple signers and documents, streamlining the signing process among different signatories from separate branches through a coordinated multi-signature process. Creates a unique link between a signatory and the signed document.

- A Biometric Signature, in an advanced process, has a higher legal value than a simple electronic signature.
- Time savings through easier automation.
- Cost savings in paper, print, physical storage and postal mailing.
- Intuitive user experience akin to signing on paper.
- Enables Digital Archiving, thus accelerating document-centric workflows.
Digital Signature

ENID Product & Cloud Service show product detailhide product detail

ENID is Euronovate’s one-stop identification platform,complying with remote identification, KYC and AML regulatory requirements at a European and national level.
Available in multiple devices such as desktop or mobile, it allows a quick user registration and a following digital identity creation, improving the onboarding experience and reducing abandonment rates.

EN ID is equipped with an AI engine that performs face scanning and detects the user’s liveness. This helps reducing the risk of fraud and minimizes the transaction failure rate.

ID information is extracted through OCR and MRZ scanning technology, and checked against the biometric data collected by the AI. ENID can integrate external data sources to further extend the data checking and raise the bar for fraudsters

A real-life operator option is available live or offline. Through an easy and yet complete dashboard, the professional can verify any information collected in the automated procedure to further improve the quality of the process
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)