New and integral module for Policies and Instructions Management

Friday 03.06.2022

Our innovative Internal Control System (ICS) now has a new and integrated module for managing the policy framework of an organization.

Customers can map up to ten hierarchy levels for their set of rules. The functionality includes automatic reminders, review and release workflows, the provision of previous versions and, of course, the currently valid document with the customer's corporate identity. Each document can already be assigned the controls to be implemented from the control library.

Each document type can be adapted to the customer's needs by means of a template.

Additional functionalities are planned for fall 2022 to simplify the internal rollout of policy documents. This includes, for example, the confirmation that an employee has read a document. With audit trail of course.

The module is included in the base price. Additional costs will only arise if the customer wants to access the document template library of CISS.

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