CashCtrl AG

CashCtrl AG is located in Münchenstein BL and has been developing the multi-client capable accounting software CashCtrl of the same name since 2013. The software is constantly being expanded and further developed. A lively exchange with the community is maintained, inputs and feedbacks flow into the development. The software is extensively configurable and is designed to allow users to manage and work independently.

The company is independent, does not sell user data in any form, but focuses on selling the software. The goal is not unlimited profit maximization, but to give a part back to the internet community from which CashCtrl AG profits again and again. Therefore a large part of the software is offered free of charge.

Herr Raphael Amport | Co-Founder

Pumpwerkstrasse 33
4142 Münchenstein

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CHF 340.-/year
CashCtrl is a comprehensive, multi-client cloud accounting software for self-employed persons, SMEs and fiduciaries. The core is the financial accounting with order processing, evaluations and many ERP functions.

Operation, backup, development, support all 100% Swissmade. CashCtrl has few predefined steps and can be adapted to many industries. We maintain a direct exchange with the community, free technical support as far as possible and a fair pricing structure, which is highly appreciated.

Fiduciary professionals and beginners appreciate the fast navigation, comprehensible functionality and the few defaults. Companies with their own software can connect scripts and apps themselves via the API.

The goal of CashCtrl AG is not unlimited profit maximization, but to give a part back to the internet community from which we also profit again and again. That's why a large part of the software is completely free of charge since 10 years.
in Switzerland
Accounting , Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), General Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP), General Office Automation, General Logistics